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Pr0n & Pong 4 That Anus [ll]

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

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My homey DAMON BROWN who writes for Playboy put together this book that describes the arch that video games have taken in bringing the reality of sex into the gaming culture. Since I stopped gaming way back in the early nineties I missed a lot of the watershed developments within the culture.

I never played Lara Croft: Tomb Raider so I don’t have the emotional connection to her that most gamers hold. So much so that there is a method of unlocking the game to let the character play in the nude. I did for a time go in on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The creators of that game were geniuses and DAMON thankfully chronicles their story as well.

Pr0n & Pong shows the starts and stops as the industry tries to incoporate more adult themes within gameplay and the resistance that these games find within and from without the culture. P & P is a good read for anyone who is an avid gamer and wants to learn a little bit of the backstory to the entire industry and some of the most popular titles.

Most of the gamers I know use pr0n separately, but this book begs the question that I am now asking, “why can’t we all get along?” Pr0n & Pong is the only guide to better understanding pixelated poontang.

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War Is Insane…

Monday, April 27th, 2009


The pandemic that America needs to fear is not the Swine Flu from Mexico, but the brain damage zombie-itis from the troops returning from Iraq.

Holy shit! I did not realize that nearly 2 million Americans have served in the middle east wars. As a sidenote I suppose we should be proud that only 5K – 6K U.S. lives were lost. As a percentage that is pretty kick ass.

The other percentage that isn’t looking so hot is the one that says one fifth of the soldiers returning home have brain damage. WTF?!?

Let’s hope there’s enough space in Walter Reed for these soldiers. I wonder if they will qualify for a bailout? Yeah, I know better.

I Blame Shorty Whitebread…

Monday, April 27th, 2009


DJ Rayz, you’s a fool for this one…

Tracing the Swine Flu back to its origins we found that our favorite hardbody intern, Shorty Whitebread, sucked some porcine face before we all heard that it was giving fools the clip-clap.

Maybe that is why Shorty is so damn crazy?


Monday, April 27th, 2009


One of my favorite debates that I like to have on Twitter is the one where I say that KFC >>> Popeye’s.

That shit brings all the chickenheads out of the woodwork.

My boy DJ Rayz, who has been known to do some pro bono graphic design for DP dot com, sends me this newsreel video from Rochester, New York where a Popeye’s restaurant has run out of chicken.


B.A.R.T. Cops Have Swine Flu…

Monday, April 27th, 2009


Q: Why are these guys smiling?
A: They just killed someone.

I didn’t realize how small the Bay Area Rapid Transit police force was. 200 cops total? That isn’t a police department that is like a security detail or some shit. How can a force this small be liable for so much ill will. It seems like these cops must be doing their racism on overtime.

Thw San Francisco Examiner says that the B.A.R.T. administration is contracting the help of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives in order to review their training and operational protocols. If I had my choice, I would take my police brutality from a white cop because when massa gave the brothers control of the whip all bets were off.

KRS-1 – ‘Black Cop’

There is still the fact that B.A.R.T. has not indicted TONY PIRONE, the officer who sucker punched OSCAR GRANT in the face. PIRONE may have been the reason why GRANT was ultimately fatally shot. That cop was the real instigator in this tragedy, NOT the bystanders who were unarmed (except for, thank GOD, their cellphones). This officer must be arraigned for assault in the least. B.A.R.T. hasn’t listened to the people because they don’t want to submit to the ‘mob mentality’ but I have seen the video just like everyone else.

Justice still waits for OSCAR GRANT.