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The Republicans are coming!

Monday, August 30th, 2004

THE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING! I am really surprised as to how we are battening down the hatches all because of the Republican National Convention here in NYC. Some of you have decided not to go to Manhattan and some of you have left the city entirely. We are supposed to some of the toughest people […]


Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

Editor’s note: My weblog readers are sharp as hell and they responded when I said that Nonoxynol-9 should be blamed for the recent spike in HIV contraction among African American women… Dallas, I have recently come across some interesting information that I thought was important to share with you, even though I’m sure most of […]


Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

YOU CAN HATE ME NOW!! Especially if you didn’t come with me to the free NAS concert at the Central Park SummerStage. How do I get to live my lifestyle when I get to the park at 3:15 and I have no ‘ins’ at the gate? How do I get to enjoy the entire show […]

Backpacker Couture

Wednesday, August 11th, 2004

Much love goes out to NAJWA MOSES and the entire STYLEAHOLICS camp for the event that they put together on tuesday night at the Altman Building in Chelsesa. They dub their function ‘THE CLOSET’ and it combines two of my favorite pass-times: shopping and partying. I call it ‘backpacker couture’. You are surrounded by almost […]


Tuesday, August 10th, 2004

You say you want a revolution? Well you know that we all want to change the world. You tell me that it’s evolution. Well you know that we all want to change the world. You say you got a real solution. Well you know that we’d all love to see the plan You ask me […]