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Thursday, May 31st, 2007

boom box

Check out my new favorite internets radio show called Costas World Dot Com.These niggas are having a lot of fun. They remind me of when I was writing for a popular NYC morning radio show.

Have you registered yet for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival?
SEAN PRICE has just been added to the lineup including GHOSTFACE, CONSEQUENCE, LARGE PROFESSOR, TANYA MORGAN and others. Five days of free Hip-Hop in New York City can’t be beat. If you live in NYC and you don’t come through you should be killing yourself.

The fifth annual H20 Hip-Hop Odyssey International Film Festival jumps off tonight. They are hosting tons of movies and film shorts all about Hip-Hop and it’s history. Look out for a DP Dot Com night at the movies over the next two weeks.

The Central Park Summerstage has coughed up their schedule for the summer season. Wouldn’t you know that these humps would schedule the 25th Anniversary screening for the seminal Hip-Hop movie ‘Wild Style’ on the same day that the ‘Rock The Bells’ mega-concert is at Randall’s Island.

City Parks Foundation is an off shoot of the Summerstage production. City Parks keeps it realer than the Summerstage because they feature ‘hood acts like BootCamp Clik and Big Daddy Kane right in their own Brooklyn stomping grounds. This year has dead prez on the lineup along with ROY AYERS and Whodini. Remember this… You’re only old when you can no longer two step.


Thursday, May 31st, 2007

purple haze

Design your own NIKE Dunks.

NIKE Design Studio tomorrow Friday June 1st for a designing session.

E-mail me for details.

purple haze


Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

lil darry

Ever since I came into the blog game with my baby pictures I have noticed a lot of other Internets Celebrities subtlely jacking my baby swagger. Let’s face it, babies win all day every day. But now the question is being asked… Which baby wins the most?

This inaugural round will feature some of the internets most well-liked personalities and some of the infamous characters from the world wide web. We visited their MySpace pages in order to secure these pictures. My only request to commenters is to decide which of these babies rules the internets.

lil darry

Your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger was rocking tracksuits and turtlenecks way back when…


PRINCE CAMPBELL a/k/a Chartreuse

Chartreuse was a blog about blogging and why it was the new media and why that made it irrelevant and why you should even care. Blogging ultimately requires stamina and Chartreuse couldn’t be bothered.


N.Y. Giants running back RYAN GRANT
Former All American prep star from Don Bosco Academy and Notre Dame is also a big fan of DP Dot Com.

humanity critic

Humanity Critic
The mortal enemy of DP Dot Com and by some accounts the greatest blogger evar in the history of the internets as proof of his multiple honors from LGBT awards panels.

lil darry

The posterchild for Flawless Hustle and real life star of ‘Knocked Up’.


The human TR-808, but you can call him D-Nice.

Yeah, you guys are right. Baby DALLAS in a landslide.

lil darry

The Gentle And Loving Side Of Gangsta Rap…

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007


Recently, Philly’s most blunted emcee, BEANIE SIGEL criticized KANYE WEST and PHARELL WILLIAMS stylesets by saying that their penchant for tight fitting clothing was an aberration to the gangsta rap lifestyle motif and real Hip-Hop.

As you can see from this video Hip-Hop has a gentle, loving aspect to it that can be displayed while wearing 8X Avirex jackets and fitted hats that are too large to actually fit someone’s skull. Keep in mind that H-thugs do run this rap shit.

And who can blame BEANS either for wanting to snuggle up close to PEEDI CRACK since he preserves his gangsta daily through exfoliation and moisturization. Extra nullus to rap music right now.


Video link courtesy of UnKut via Nah’Right Lite

Ain’t What She Used To Be…

Monday, May 28th, 2007


Holler back if you remember when six million dollars was like retirement money. Colonel Steve Austin had his whole mainframe pushed back in a plane crash, but then he was able to get his shit bionic’d out for six million dollars. That’s basically like having your entire CPU rebuilt from scratch because you know how much be leftover of people after plane crashes.

Nowadays I think you could only get the x-ray eye for six milly. I want the x-ray eye to see which chicks are wearing the sexy bloomeristics. I wouldn’t get my whole shit redone though. If you get your whole setup rebuilt with the hardbody bionics then the government is gonna want you to do shit for them like special missions and the what not. If you only have an x-ray eye then you can’t be exploited as much. It’s not that I’m lazy and shit but I don’t feel like driving myself crazy. Have you seen how much shit KIEFER SUTHERLAND gets into in only 24 hours? Who needs the headache?!?

My mind flashed back to a simpler time when I was at the gas station this weekend filling up the tank for a quick upstate jumpoff. With gas at these prices I may have to get back on my skateboard this summer.

In other news…
Over ten thousand U.S. Servicemen have suffered life altering injuries while on duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. The government is spending only a fraction of six millions dollars to help restore their quality of life. Peep this blog – War Amputees.

Upon further review, those soldiers need to man the fuck up. Triple amputee to graduate from med school