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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007


The photo album is starting to take shape as we document our day at the Rock The Bells festival. If this show has a date in your town I suggest you go just for the experience of enjoying Hip-Hop with tens of thousands of people.


It’s also a chance to see some acts that get NO radio play or mass media attention for that matter but they still have a devoted loyal fanbase and they still bring a great stage show.

Also, it’s a chance to possibly see one of your favorite Hip-Hop icons in the flesh. “RAFI meet RICKY, RICKY, this is RAFI. We’re iNternets Celebrities.” Good times, good times.

Rock The Bells 2007 photo album

ricky rafi


Monday, July 30th, 2007


In case you didn’t know, BILLY SUNDAY grinds for the Evil Empire.

Thank you white baby Jesus for giving me white people. Thank you for their pasty, melanin-challenged skin tone, their blue eyes and their blonde hair. Thank you for making them love Hip-Hop. Enough so to come out 50,000 deep in the pouring rain to listen to some of the greatest Hip-Hop music ever created. And in some cases, the pinnacle of obscure niche-related rap music. Whatever shit you are into, thank you white folks for saving Hip-Hop.

Sunday’s Rock The Bells concert went down in a massive downpour, but that didn’t stop the greatest music ever from being performed and it surely didn’t stop people from coming to the show. White people that is. But in all truthfulness, Black people weren’t coming to this concert anyhoo. It’s funny to me that this concert wasn’t even on Black people’s radars. Most live Hip-Hop concerts are never on Black people’s agendas. As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that nowadays the majority of Black folks experience with rap music out of doors is usually only from a car stereo system. I suppose that too many Blacks are trying to become rappers than remain fans. In all fairness, there were some Black folks at the concert that weren’t a part of the rapper entourages, but you kids already know that white folks have this outdoor concert shit OnSmash.

Shouts to eskay who engineered press passes for the iNternets Celebrites crew to attend the music festival. The people that put this shit together treated the press like shit too by not letting us fuck with the craft services or the free shit. I go to these joints and I expect to get some free grub and at the very least a fucking free t-shirt. Not at this event. I couldn’t even get a bottle of water from these promoters. I’m not thanking those white people in this drop. I’m thanking all the white people that came from miles away and mud wrestled, and also let me drink their beer and smoke their weed with no problem, and all the white people who recited the entire song of Wu-Tang’s opus ‘Triumph’ word for word. Without you, this Hip-Hop shit would be dead already. Black folks, y’all need to step up your Hip-Hop love. Have a park jam or something where the deejay pulls power from a streetlamp. Walk around with a big ass piece of cardboard and just put it down and breakdance. Go steal a can of Krylon and cop some tags somewhere, but just become Hip-Hop again. Black people, you’ve relied on your skintone for too long to automatically express your love of Hip-Hop and I no longer believe you. You need more people.

My favorite performer of the festival was MF Doom who wore a camoflage hooded sweatshirt that made him look like Godzilla with a mask on. Also the vintage Darryl Strawberry jersey was priceless. Mos Def and Talib were on point and Mos didn’t offend my sensibilities too much with his singing or his JaFaican chanting. Rakim the god emcee did his thing. It’s good to see dude getting some work in to pay off them broads suing his ass for child support. Cypress Hills is still getting me high after all these years, well actually, the white folks that came to see Cypress and brought their official white boy weed. White boy weed > anything you will smoke with a Black dude, including crack. I love Public Enemy and their set was solid as always even though Flav was allowed to veer off on some experimental Sun Ra shit. Rage Against The Machine closed the show. If you wonder why we love these dudes so much, but we never go out and try to put into action some of the revolutionary shit they talk about you can blame the White Boy weed. It’s that good.

The highlight of the day for me was the Wu, of course. Their catalog of hits along with Method Man’s unsurmountable energy will guarantee a great show from these dudes every time you see them. You know all the hits from ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ to ‘Liquid Swords’ to ‘Shame On A Nigga’ and so on. I can’t wait to be seventy years old and see these dudes performing in Las Vegas as a classic Hip-Hop revue act. The odds are that it will be me and ton of seventy year old white folks as well. Black folks might be into making rap music, but when it comes to supporting true Hip-Hop artistry, not so much.


Monday, July 30th, 2007


If the abominable Assquatch owned these Air Maxes you wouldn’t even catch a glimpse of him.

Just do it.


Not Another DP Dot Com Fundraiser!?!

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

bum billy


All the Marvel Comics fanboys that follow this site need to stand the eff up. I am selling you my set of Marvel Legends figures, BETA RAY BILL and LOKI, as well as a MINT condition copy of The Mighty Thor #338. This is the issue where Thor and BRB go toe to toe for the right to wield the hammer Mjolnir. This is an all-time classic Marvel issue written and illustrated by the great WALT SIMONSON, and you get it wrapped in a mylar plastic cover with an acid free backing board to preserve that freshness.

Some folks have asked me if these action figures are provided free to me. The answer is hell no. I’m a collector of fresh shiite, addicted to collecting fresh shiite. Plain and simple. Like everything else on the planet my bandwidth and site hosting fees are going up in price. You could help this site by contributing some scrilla to this fundraiser. No eBay auction yet for these pieces so get on it doggoneit and help us keep guest editors like KANGHEY WEST in our web cipher.

marvel legends

Action figures are in unopened blister packages. Only $40 for the set including USPS priority shipping. The best part is that you become part of the DP Dot Com snail mail group. All kinds of goodies will be mailed out to you from there on.

I have only ONE set so whoever really wants to reminisce on the fanboy lifestyle tip hit me on the e-mail.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007


What the hell are you doing in the effing house?!? It’s beautiful. Go outside. Just don’t play golf. Keep the sticks away from hitting your balls.


‘Nuff said.