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I Appreciate Y’all…

Thursday, December 31st, 2009


I wondered how I might post the final drop from this decade here on the site. Could I remember everyone that I needed to thank for keeping me from stepping off the ledge this year? I could never in a million years remember everybody. Sure there was Combat Jack, Casimir and Rafi that helped me realize my value extended past the obvious. See there, I already fuxed up by naming names. I can’t ignore Meka for making the decision to come to NYC on my advice. Now I wonder when N8 will reloc8?

I have to thank Bol for giving me something to read everyday. I h8 to admit it but I am still Scottie Pippen to his Air Jordan when blogging is concerned. Since we don’t technically play for the same team any longer[ll] I suppose I am the LeBron James to his Kobe Bryant (taking into consideration his inclination for white poon) I hope he doesn’t also have to get a rape charge like Bryant, but that is what the desire of the forbidden racial nectar can do to a brother.

Mentioning Bol makes me remember the homey Carl who held me down at the X-spot and eskay who got me in the door when no one else was fuxing with me like that for real. That is why I tell people that Nah’Right is the big co-sign. They see shit before it becomes a trend or a movement. That reminds me of UnKut and RockTheDub, who both do more for Hip-Hop culture everyday than places like AllHipHop or SOHH (no offense meant, but, yeah).

And how do I thank ALL of you folks that check in with me during your daily routines, on the grizzly, at school, at home, wherever you do your thing. I appreciate y’all. This page is really yours. I just pay the bandwidth and edit the updates. Y’all truly own this page. SlumB, Grand$ and $yk. Thanks for following me on my exodus from the X-spot. Amadeo, Candice and WWIB. Thank y’all for sticking around even though I don’t nearly leave my IP fingerprints on your pages as much as I should.

Where the hell is that old ass curmudgeon Ernie Paniccioli?!?

Thank you to my sisters from ProperTalks and my longtime leftcoast love Mz.Ahmad. I really appreciate you ladies too much to mention. Thank you for fuxing with me. ADB. Thank you. LM, Christian, Tiffany, Peter, AntWill, Jerz and Gee. I SEE y’all (true confessions… I loved that Avatar shit – lol). JaiSlayer and my lil’ homey Ba’ySlayer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my brother. You are my real life hero.

I can’t make this drop about individuals however because I will surely forget to mention someone who I consider crucial to this website. We are a group of diverse people with all sorts of backgrounds that found each other however it happened. I love to tell people that the world is a huge place, but the folks that operate under the same sine-cosine frequency is the smaller community of inter-connected networks. Y’all are truly the internets. And that is why I appreciate y’all.

Happy New Year.


Thursday, December 31st, 2009


My homie BRIAN DEKA PAUW is one of those brothers in the vanguard of post-Blackness. He has never let living and learning in Bedford-Stuyvesant deter him from the things that he wanted to do with his life. He’s fortunate that he doesn’t have the social borders that most people in America have. Not just the kids growng up in the ‘hood, but everybody in America who can’t see past race or class when they look at other people.

Brian is a avid snowboarder. So much so that he has formed a not-for-profit organisation geared to bringing kids from the center city out of their environment into the great outdoors for them to learn recreational activities, but mostly for them to realize that borders they thought encircled them do not exist. It will be a yeoman’s effort but it will have to start somewhere.


It started over a week ago with the first big snowstorm of the ’09 winter. Brian grabbed up his board and boogied over to Fort Greene Park to shred the hill in front of the veteran’s memorial statue. Fort Greene Park exists in an interesting socio-political-economic vortex. One side of the park along DeKalb Avenue fronts some of Brooklyn’s most expensive real estate, while the Myrtle Avenue side fronts Walt Whitman projects.

The lines of park ownership reflect the color of the new fallen snow. Little ghetto kids can play in the park but they had better keep the noise down. And definitely don’t start forming any crowds. When Brian took the opportunity to instruct some of the youngsters who were curiously enthralled by he and his friends snowboard antics is when the NYC Parks Rangers swooped in and used their authority to ruin what could have been the removal of ther borders in these kids minds.


I’m sad and embarrassed that these Parks Department employees abused their authority in this instance. The vibe was such that their presence was not only unnecessary but also somewhat questionable. You can never really tell what thoughts exist in a man’s mind, but you can certainly tell when he is lying and when he is being honest and upright.

The truth is that the NYC Parks Department DOES allow snowboarding in NYC Parks. Remember the Red Bull Snowscrapers exhibition that we highlighted here at this site? That was in an NYC park. Albeit NYC was paid handsomely to use their property by Red Bull. At the end of the day these parks belong to us. All of us. Especially those who can’t afford to drive into the Catskills to a resort or even hop the bus to Bear Mountain for that matter.

Support my friend Brian and his Hoods To Woods movement.


BLKOPS-122009-loRes from jsjcreative on Vimeo.


Thursday, December 31st, 2009


Can you imagine fingerbanging this with your solo hand?

Atlanta is the Wal-Mart capital. And Wal-Mart is like Star Wars central. I came up on the ARC Clone Commando that I wanted to put into my collection, but unfortunately it was part of a three(3) figure Wal-Mart exclusive pack priced at $25.

I broke down and went to copp the pack several days after Christmas and unbeknownst to me Wal-Mart was selling the pack on 50% clearance. I ran back down to the toy section and picked up another pack, just because I am a lunatic like that. Now I can open up one pack and examine these figures in depth [ll] and keep one pack sealed on my nerd shit.

I have been really intrigued by these Hasbro figures. I wish the scale were larger, but the articulation and detailing has been sublime. The super bonus in this series is the Elite Commando figure pictured on the right. I didn’t recognize the character from any films because it turns out it was introduced only through the expanded universe.



The figure I had been after from the gate was the Alpha Reconaissance Commando. This is the figure with the heavy blaster rifle and all the armament accessories. This joint is so off the chain in its construction. Hasbro merc’ked this mold. You can take off the helmet too and look at the designer’s rendition of Jango Fett.

The funny shit is that this dude looks like the motherfucker who stays giving me a hard time at the 7-11 on Sunrise Highway. Holy shit. Let me find out that the cloners from Kamino are really doing their operation from behind the Union Carbide plant in Kolkotta?!?




Thursday, December 31st, 2009

hypermax red tennis balls

Editor’s note: As an additional feature to the SFU program I would like to start a kicks consultation service here where we discuss acquisitions and debate the merits or detractions of copping that next-next hotness. To kick off this features inaugural drop we pick up the line from Chi-town kicksologist, Slumbilical Chord.

Nikestore has the Hypermax NFW red suede jawnts aka what I like to call the “Nike Air Su-woos” aka the “Nike Air Bloodeds” aka the “Nike Air Starhead Birdmans Daddy…BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” for $99.99

Should a brother go in? The full sole air joint is fiyar. Plus the bright red colorway screams “I’m blooding…but only while being a blood is culturally accepted, as my gang affiliations change with, among other things, the wind. Additionally, I will never set foot in hoods where my bloodedness could be called into question — thence, I will never have to supply the requisite handshake or appropriate gang sign. I can scream SUWOO and DADA-DOH from the comfort of my gentrified Chicago townhome.”

Thoughts? At this price, a brother is fiending to punch in the four digit confirmation code on his Amex and hit “BUY NOW,” but in the depths of a possible double dip recession (fuck is that btw? How you gon’ refer to an economic contraction followed by a slight recovery followed by another severe economic contraction by a name that connotes a Ben ‘n Jerry’s ice cream treat? Double Dip – it’s like two scoops of creamy delight! [ll]), well, let’s just say I have my doubts (c) Catholics. Please advise…

Warmest Regards,

albshoes Guest Editor Al B. Shoes
I need you to hold tight. That price is gonna dip like our economy is projected to. I feel like they will be available for $59.99 by February. Yes, Black History Month specials (while not listed as such) are the supreme comeups of the entire year. Think of all the Christmas returns combined with a bunch of companies under pressure to post some half-decent numbers for the new year’s 1st quarter.

Unless you are looking to strike fear about your gang relations at some wintertime indoor pick-up league I vote for you to hold tight on this acquisition until the pricepoint enters come-up status (59.99 and under)

BTW, SlumBeast > Hypebeast

Meet The Mess…

Thursday, December 31st, 2009


I think Isiah Thomas has infiltrated the Metropolitans front office. The free agent signing of Jason Bay and the pursuit of backcatcher Benji Molina tells me that Omar Minaya is still searching for the right combination of beisbol players via throwing away money at overvalued free agents.

Keep it simple Omar. Bring in another pitcher. Philly got rid of Lee and acquired Halladay. The rich didn’t get richer, but the contenders went and got pitchers. If the Wilpons got it like that to spend (and they should since the taxpayers paid for their new stadium) they should get us another workhorse arm and a bonafide slugger who is just as respected in his clubhouse.

Other than that we don’t need a team that spends money like their neighbors on the other side of the TriBoro Bridge. We need an organization that knows how to develop a farm system which brings more young talent up from within. Spending money on the front end so that we don’t have to waste our dollars on overpriced mediocre free agents.

Can you do that Omar?