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Mache Out Posse…

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

World famous sneaker customizer Mache also makes tee shirt graphics

Navajo Blanket Lifestyle…

Saturday, February 9th, 2013


Niggas call every native American print they see ‘Aztec’ mainly because niggas was taught to be ignorant to brown people’s heritages. I only feign ignorance for laughs on the Combat Jack Show. Secretly, I know more than I really want to let on because no one likes a smart ass either.

I called T-Bag out for posting the links to these pieces he bought and calling them a ‘Fit. There are rules to this shit we do here and the first rule is to come correct without fronting on your ‘Fit. Too many people on the internets are fraudulent in name and deeds. Not saying T-Bag is fake because he really did put some bread in the prA’Li fund and he really did post some drops on this page, but as a trusted member of the dP dot com fam I could not let him submit an incmplete outfit.

I’m eagerly awaiting T-Bag complements to these pieces he copped and I’m here to tell you he inspired me to put these I.T.’s in my late winter wishlist…


The workshirt is bananas. I can tell its as thick as a jacket. Fux around and I would be the type of hype to rock it inside out.

The scarf is official tissue. MUST. COPP. NOW!!!


I Stay High With A Lil’ Help From My Friends…

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Editor’s note: correspondent T-Bag drops some knowledge…

From my daily surfing on the interconnected networks I am saddened to have learned that graffiti legend Wayne Roberts A.K.A Stay High 149 is sick and in the hospital. The details are unclear of Stay High’s current condition so if anyone knows how the hip-hop community can help this man with bills, etc., please speak up.

Stay High 149 was born in Emporia, Virgina on October 20, 1950. He began writing in 1971 and is one of the quintessential writers that helped pioneer the movement. In 1972 is when he developed his iconic “Smoker” character to accompany his tag. This character was adopted from the television show “The Saint”. Stay High would be the first writer to use an icon.

Stay High’s earliest writing partner was DEADLEG 167 and he eventually wrote with other legends in their own right including, HONDO 1, P-Haze 168, Fresco 1, Turk 62, and LSD OM. In 1971 The EX-Vandals was formed by DINO NOD. EX-VANDALS stood for experienced vandals. In 1973 Wicked Gary became the leader of the crew and put Stay High 149 on.

Stay High was also a member of UGA or UNITED GRAFFITI ARTISTS which was founded by Hugo Martinez. UGA consisted of an all-star line up of the most talented writers of the time and included heads like PHASE 2, SNAKE I, BAMA, STITCH,
FLINT 707, MICO, COCO 144, and LEE163. Eventually Stay High 149 would get pinched by the cops as he was recognized for an Interview he had done for New York Magazine. This run in with the law forced Stay High to change his name and he eventually started writing “Voice of the Ghetto”.

By 1975 Stay High 149 would father his first child Dwayne. Life began to take it’s toll and drugs eventually engulfed Stay High 149 taking him away from graffiti and the art world from 1975 to 2000. Few people knew of his whereabouts and rumors circulated like black books at 149th Street Grand Concourse. While Stay High sobered up at a drug rehab center he realized his potential and the legacy that he had attained from the damage he had done to the NYC subways.

Stay High disappeared for 25 years only to reemerge onto the art scene in 2000 fresh as ever. If you are interested in Stay High’s life I highly recommend copping his book titled Stay High 149 by Sky Farrel and Chris “FREEDOM” Pape, this book has amazing photos of early graff and discusses Stay High’s life in an entertaining fashion. Again if anyone knows how we as a culture can help this man please leave a comment. Salute this man and all that he has contributed to the game Our thoughts and prayers are with you my brother.

Fux With Angry Boys…

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Editor’s note: T-Bag’s on his grizzly. Show this man some love [ll].

If you fux with then it’s safe to assume you got a sense of humor. My homey recently turned me on to one of the best comedies i’ve seen in a minute. The show is “Angry Boys”, a mockumentary style comedy from down under
(Australia) on HBO. This is the type of show you either fux with or you don’t. The show stars Chris Lilley, who is also the creator and writer of the show. Lilley plays four differnt characters on the show and his acting ability is
phenomenal, dude will have you believing that he is actually a woman with two of the characters he created one being Jen Okazaki (a mother of a skateboarding prodigy) and the other Gran Sims (an officer at a juvenille hall). So far there is only one season, but don’t be disappointed if you find that you killed the first season in one sitting because he has done a couple of other shows. The first show he created was called “We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year”, and then he produced “Summer Heights High”, another classic. If you got the HBO GO app you can watch both “Angry Boys” and “Summer Heights High” there. Peep it out and let me know what you think.

Also speaking of Australians, shout out to Robbie at

The Miseducation of T-Bag

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Editor’s note: T-Bag gives us some true life stories on this drop. Leave him a comment.

Growing up I went through all the typical struggles one goes through, parents divorcing at a young age, teenage angst, trying to fit in, etc. Unfortunately my parents divorce had a profound impact on the majority of my life. I remember the first day at my new school I didn’t know anyone and all I wanted to do was make friends and fit in as any kid in the 4th grade wants to do. Up until this point I had been a great student, interested in learning and academics in general.

To make a long story short from the first day at my new school on through my senior year of high school all I was good at doing was fuxing up. To give you an example of how fuxed up I was, I got an “F” in ceramics in my junior year of high school. This was one of many “F’s” I would receive. I thought I was the coolest person around, my parents didn’t know ish, and I had the answer to everything (typical teenager). When reality set in in my early 20’s and my pops stepped to me and asked me “So whats your plan”? I was dumbfounded. At this point I was going to community college still not really giving a fux because I had a roof over my head and 3 square meals. So it hit me, I need to get my ish together and make something happen.

As you already know I finished community college by the age of thirty and obtained my degree in Registered Nursing. The only problem is that since I wasted all my years in high school making bad choices I am now >> paying the price in my daily life. I am surrounded by MD’s, Nurses, Physical therapists, etc., all who are well educated. My problem is that I am unable to contribute to many conversations because I didn’t learn anything in school cause I was too busy being Mr. cool guy. In the last few years I have had to take it upon myself to learn the things I was supposed to learn as a youngster myself.

I recently copped the book “A Short History of the World” by H.G. Wells, a recommendation by one of my very well educated friends. This book is about exactly what the title says, a concise history of the world. It starts out from the planet having no life to World War I. If you lived your life like me and feel as though you also have a lot of learning to do, cop this joint. One of the great things about this book is that it is free on the Kindle app for all you fux ups.