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Londontown Lifestyle…

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

the clash

If there wasn’t already a reason to revisit Great Britain in the new year there is now that the Lifestyle brand is turnt up. Polo Ralph Lauren has been making some U.K. exclusives for years now that are simply heatrox. If he doesn’t bring these pieces to the states I am definitely catching a flight on the Concord.

The classic military jacket done up with all the import that Ralph loves to attribute these things with


I’m mad the model is wearing flip flops and shorts tho’ and this I.T. isn’t being offered in the U.S. Dude looks just like one of these NYU fuxbergs I see in the Starbucks in the Village.

Nice patchwork and details as always.




The back of the jacket is official Dipset tissue.

This unassuming flight jacket is heirloom status



Not just because it’s reversible

Not just for the zippers and the patchwork…



Flying Tigers status!

Biggup 2-ILL for sending me these links…


Saturday, December 21st, 2013


Str8 from the Walter White laboratory for crack molecules comes these Air Jordan Retro V ‘3Lab5’ heatrox.

I know, I know, I took a shit on these over at my The Shoe Game blog but don’t blame me. The all grey elephant print version of this shoe was hidacious. The all Black version return the exoticism of elephant print with their subtlety.

I think these have to ride with me on my trip to Atlanta…

Sean Price x M-Phazes: Land Of The Crooks

Friday, December 20th, 2013


P takes a trip to the land down under for this EP project. Aussie producer M-Phazes is riding high after a placement on Eminem’s last album. Land Of The Crooks is M-Phazes salute to the most thorough boro and Sean P is the tour guide.

Peep the stream…

Timeless Truth: Out Of The Loop

Thursday, December 19th, 2013


The Dominican brothers from Corona never met a soul sample they couldn’t spit their shit to. Timeless Truth is hard at work in the lab cooking up their latest full length project called ‘Cold Wave’. Before this drops early in the new year they are giving their folks an EP of real rap titled ‘Dominican Diner’.

This track ‘Out Of The Loop’ is off the EP.

Outfit Architecture…

Sunday, December 15th, 2013


Outfit Architecture is the next wave for all advanced Lifestylers. Those of us who have been doing this thing for years have enough pieces in our archives to assemble outfits for weeks.

The winter supply line soldier looks something like this below.


I was so thirsty to post this ‘Fit I didn’t wait for the knit watch cap. I’d like to ask y’all what color should I make the cap? Orange rust or should I pick up the plum colors?

This trekking parka is one of the gems from the 2012 Modern Explorer series.


Bloomigdale’s is once again the top shop on my list for catching the end of season sales.

Everyone in fashion has been all about these pants with the jersey cuffed ankles. Blue label made these pants during the Hi-Tech era and I just unearthed them from my archives. I could see RL doing these again from the Denim and Supply brand.




These pants are designed specifically for the winter since they are lined throughout.

If you are a frequent visitor to this page you remember we put this shawl knit on the wishlist a few months ago. Bloomingdale’s offered the sweater for $100 which was basically 75% the MSRP and squarely in the comeup zone.


The best part of this acquisition is the young lady working the floor who knew I was looking for this piece held onto one in the backroom hoping I’d make a return trip to the store even tho’ I was there earlier in the week.

I’m about to turn shit up for the 6″ Field Boot as I did for the Iditarod Superboots and the World Hikers. This is a classic Timberland style that must not be slept on. Forget what the most popular rappers are wearing because they ain’t up on this.


I also brought out some NWT Rugby brand socks just for the holidays