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JEAN GREY Was My First Love

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

jean grey

Fuck what y’all think because JEAN GREY was so fucking hot. Superheroes are either dressed like flamboyant fags or high end prostitutes and JEAN GREY was the hottest bitch on the strip. Actually. the artist that made her so beautiful to me secretly has a thing for Black women. I mean, do you see this chicks body?!? Only Black girls have tops like that without surgery. But nonetheless the character was a Scottish white girl, and you can’t get much whiter than that. JEAN GREY was smart and oh so powerful. The ‘X-Men’ was a progressive comicbook in that the characters that wielded some of the greatest power were women(yeah, don’t get your supremacy twisted, old white men were the strongest of all). JEAN GREY’s boyfriend was the team’s leader Cyclops.


They were an alright couple, but not as kick azz as I would have been with her. JEAN GREY was a free spirit though and those are the most difficult hoes that you can try to convert into housewives. That is why JEAN GREY was so easily turned out by this pimp called Mastermind.


Mastermind turned her out and she joined his bad guy group called the Hellfire Club. He fucked her head up so good that she became this evil prostitute called the Black Queen. As if that wasn’t enough she was out of control with her powers and winded up killing a whole planet of motherfuckers with her cosmic clap.

dark phoenix

The X-men tried to save her universally out of pocket azz, but it was obvious that she had contracted some kind of comicbook AIDS virus and she had to die before she infected any other characters.

phoenix saga

In the end she committed suicide. I cried. Just as an aside…


I was at a party for this dude named MARK RONSON and FAMKE JANSSEN was up in there hanging out. I kicked it with her real quick and told her that I thought she was one of the dead on casting choices that made the X-Men movies so dope. She is supermodel tall and as pretty in person as she is on the screen. After I tried to stick my tongue in her mouth is when the security escorted me out of the party.


Sunday, April 30th, 2006


I had to hit you with another sneaker joint this weekend because the DALLASPENN.COM ‘HEAT ROX’ Air Max ’90 is chuuurch!

From deep in the center of the Earth comes the magma fire.

am90 heatrox

am90 heatrox

Holla at the peoples at SNEAKMOVE. They know what to do with these joints. JEROME BAKER stand the fuck up! No brokeback, of course.

am90 heatrox
am90 heatrox
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H.A.M. On It!

Sunday, April 30th, 2006


Before you crawl up from the basement to eat the breakfast your momma made for you enjoy some of this H.A.M.

For real celebrity pictures…

Good Morning Biatches!

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

black coffee in bed

What your story Morning Glory? Sunday is the first day of the week and you have come to the right place if you want to get on the good foot. I need to give a few people some love(no brokeback) for helping me get my focus together for this new week.

– This dude had some fire this past week and I missed it because I was busy wearing my girlfriend’s legs like earmuffs. DENISE RICHARD’s is mulatto poon?!? Thank GOD for Start Snitching.

FREE DARKO – This is for all of you NBA addicts.

A SALUTE TO WEED CARRIERS – ASTWC is one of the internets best kept secrets. You might know of this camp from the UNKUT site, but ASTWC keeps it real on a whole ‘nother level. The ‘Weed Carrier’ is the member of a celebrities entourage that is designated to hold the contraband when the police come knocking. That there is a website that explains the plight of these people in detail is both informative and entertaining. Now somebody please save LIL’ CEASE.

– The game is told and not sold at this website. The words from this sage player should put you in a good position to get your summer right this year.


Sunday, April 30th, 2006

the Black cross

JESUS sent this dude to kick your motherfuckin’ azz!


all praise to sneakmove