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Friday, February 27th, 2009


True story is that during the Sneaker Fiends Unite! NYC Tour in January I met this dude in the Jimmy Jazz off Jamaica Ave. Sonn was totally unassuming and personable. He didn’t introduce himself as a rapper, a graff artist or anything spectacular. All he did was compliment me on the ‘Lo scarf I was rocking. No homo, of course. He asked me if I was looking to pick up some vintage I.T.’s and I told him that I would do deals or straight cash and I gave him my math.

Because I was trying to make the SFU video I really didn’t process the connection or fam’s name. When he left me the message later that evening (thorough cats be about their business) and I heard his name I laughed to myself. This nigga is a fucking underground rap legend. I know of dude from my dunns at the Industry Shakedown Radio show, but an even greater moment of serendipity was that UnKut did a drop on Meyhem that same exact day we were politicking in the sneaker store.

Meyhem Lauren is the exact dude that I would want to be if I was a rapper. First of all he rocks that lifestyle like no one else. Some of the most famous personalities in the music industry owe their swagger to Meyhem’s collection. As a former graff artist he understands and embodies the universal law of Hip-Hop: be original fresh with your style. At the end of the day that is all that ever matters in graff, dancing, fashion, and rap. It isn’t about your skin color or the neighborhood you rest in. If your shit ain’t fresh then you are faking the funk.

Meyhem sent me a few tracks to rock out to that describe how he lives Hip-Hop. This dude is one of the realest cats doing what it do. I know this because of how he introduced himself to me. Quiet and confident, until he grips the microphone. Peep some of this reality…


‘Heavy Cream’




Friday, February 27th, 2009

It’s not like he was abusing kittens like CHRIS BROWN or whoever the kid was that 4chan outed.

What if Robo-BeYonce hypnotized CHRIS BROWN and told him to put the JEFF GILLOOLY business on homegirl because she was starting to get more shine than the real BeYONCE who is now the DOROTHY DAINDRIDGE doppelganger after being the faux ETTA JAMES and the bootleg TINA TURNER?

The realest shit about BeYONCE be her damn weaves.

You know them joints is prA’li missile-proof too?

Industry Shakedown Radio Is Timeless…

Friday, February 27th, 2009


Tune in to 87.9FM tonight for the Industry Shakedown Radio Show.
(click the link ^ for the live webstream)

Call in from 7pm-9pm @ 646.312.4726

Featuring Meyhem Lauren and DP!

This will be the realest talk and music on radio you ever heard.

Grafitti heads, Polo Ralph Lauren collectors, sneaker fiends, culinary arts fans. Yes! Culinary arts will get love tonight on a Hip-Hop radio program. If I were you I wouldn’t miss this joint.

Timeless Truth stays in the building…

Timeless Truth featuring Kool G Rap – ‘World Renown’

Racism From The NYPost?!? Really…

Friday, February 27th, 2009


There isn’t too much for me to add to this story that Jay Smooth didn’t already nail in his razor sharp video weblog.

Watch it again…

At the screening for ‘Do The Right Thing’ I was happy to see that Spike Lee remembered the media exaggeration and fearmongering that was put into play for the premiere of the movie. Spike also raised the most thought provoking point that he learned from that experience. The mainstream media inundated him with the same question, “Why does the lead character throw the garbage can through the window?” Spike was NEVER asked why the supporting character is killed and carted off by the police.

Americans love their shit. Human life? Not so much. We love our sneakers, our Polo sweaters, our plasma screen televisions and our way of life that puts value in shit over people. I have encountered several so-called progressive citizens who have their arms folded and are tapping their feet waiting for the magic mulatto president to wave his wand. These people still want to be rescued by anyone but themselves. We are not just a nation of cowards, but a collective of lazy cowards as well.

Trafficking in fear is cheap and easy. This is nothing new from the editors at the NYPost. Quiet as it is kept, this is the engine behind the NYTimes as well. I would advise those of you who have invested your emotions in the success of this presidential administration(and this nation, for that matter) to remain focused on the goals of restoring our educational systems and our civilian manufacturing industries. The racists cartoonists will bring their bile to the web as soon as the supremacist media conglomerates are out of print. The racists aren’t moving forward, but the rest of us should be.


Thursday, February 26th, 2009

red skull

Marvel Studios has signed SAMUEL L. JACKSON to a nine picture deal with a free case of Nuvo.