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Friday, July 31st, 2009


I might be one of the luckiest dudes in the world. I didn’t have a ticket to the Ghostface + Red / Meth show going down here in NYC and it didn’t look good for me to come up on one either. I wanted to get into the 88 Keys, Asher Roth, Kid Cudi show at the same location and when I put my desires out there on the internets I only heard the sound of crickets. I reached out to Asher’s people and they didn’t have a single ticket for the kid either. There was no way I was gonna be able to finagle my way into this concert, especially since the industry has been buzzing about Raekwon and everyone knew he was in town and would cameo at this event.

Lo and behold, CARL CHERY hit me up on my new Blackberry and told me that he could hold me down for the show. Let me say this right here, CARL is a good dude, nullus. I didn’t really know fam from any of these other young industry cats when he came and took over from Eskay at the X-spot, and we kind of got familiar [ll] at some open bar industry party in a sneaker store. You never know though what people are about at those parties since everyone is drunk and looking to bag up something that smells good. The proof to me that CARL was the truth is when I wanted to quit the X-spot after I visited my sick mom in Atlanta.

Instead of letting me go off on my way son kept hitting me on the e-mail and the cellphone telling me that the slot here at the X-spot was gonna stay open for if and when I wanted to get back on the grizzly. Any other dude in this industry would have said fuck it, especially since CARL and I don’t have any history in the first place. He had no reason to be loyal to me other than the fact that he was just that type of person. I hope this guy gets all the rewards this business has waiting for him because 99.9% of the people you encounter in the industry are shitbags or junkies. Myself included. You don’t ever come across real dudes often enough so I salute that dude CARL CHERY.


Tony Starks is one of the last real emcees alive. It has to be the situations that the Wu encountered when they first came out that has made these brothers so damn resilient and so special. It’s more than their talent that makes the Wu-Tang Clan the greatest rap collective of all time. It is their integrity to Hip-Hop. That might sound lofty and ridiculous but the Wu Tang never traded their popularity away for silly shit like clothing lines or liquor sponsorships. Yes asshats, I remember the Wu Wear brand, but that wasn’t being promoted by a single Wu artist as “their” clothing line. I’m talking about the silly shit that rappers do now to become entertainment company presidents and CEO’s and dungarees models. GTFOH!

The concert last night didn’t disappoint me. Redman and Method Man were the shit, but Ghostface tore the house down with the Raekwon cameo. Them two niggas is the peanut butter and jelly of rap music. You can grow up off their music. If I’ve seen anyone in the Wu perform the most it would have to be Ghost. He gets it in [ll] in all kinds of weather. Hardbody. From sneaker pimps shows to free ass outdoor festivals in Brooklyn. I would bet you any amount of money that Ghost would do a set for a senior citizen home. Thirty years from now that could be a reality too. It will be Ghost and his grandchildren opening up for some robots and extraterrestrials. Tony Starks G is still that futuristic.


Red Carpet Diaries…

Friday, July 31st, 2009


I stood on the red carpet last night for RIK CORDERO’s new film ‘Inside A Change‘.

RIK continues to open lanes up for all of us ‘little camera’ directors.

The premiere was down the block from the Dallas BBQ on 23rd Street. While I was on my way to the Ghost + Red/Meth show I ran into B.Dot from RapRadar. B was like, “What’s good with your boy?” I told him it wasn’t no stab at their movement and B was like, “If I called some shit Nah Wrong or Dallas Pencil would that be 100?” B was right that would be wack, but RapGaydar isn’t gonna go pop. RapRadar is def safe from that angle.

In my mind the biggest problem for RapRadar was that government weather tracking site run by the Center for Atmospheric Research that always appeared at the top of the Google search. Now that ELLIOTT WILSON’s RapRadar has a higher Google rank than the O.G. RAP radar I can only see sunny skies in their forecast.

Big In The Streets…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

air zoom mvp

^ $40 retail therapy @ Mr.Joes 38th St / 8th Ave NYC hasn’t published the Raekwon podcast with me, TIM and OnSmash HOF building with the Chef just yet.

PNC Radio did chop up the audio for the inaugural Nah’Right Radio broadcast. You wanna hear it? Here it go…

Pt.1 (Intro/Internets Discussion)

Pt.2 (Nas & Kelis Fuckery/Kanye vs. Jay-Z)

Pt.3 (Marvelous Mo’s Like & Dislike for Drake/Slaughterhouse Phenomenon)

Pt.4 (Freeway/Is it cool to release songs weekly, daily etc./The Game & his Bi-Polarism/Eskay speaks on other bloggers)

Pt.5 (Who’s next in Hip Hop?/Outro)

Big shouts to A.King from PNC Radio for the rips. You can DL these clips or just let them rock out in the Z-share players. People are saying they want to hear more Nah’Right Radio. So do I. Stay tuned party people.

Wednesday had me meeting the folks from Conerstone Marketing at the Wale album listening session. I ran up in that piece a little late because I was on my retail therapy (see above pic). By the time I got there there was no more alcohol left but there was plenty of chicken, yams and collards. Hipsters, and conversely Blipsters don’t eat shit. They just smoke Marlboros, drink vodka, and snort cocaine (how else do you fit into skinny jeans?). The general consensus, okay, the intern from Complex named E, said that the album was fire and Wale did not OD with the Go-Go (whew).

I walked from the recording studio while the rain ripped open the clouds and came down like Niagara. The perfect night to go see Raekwon @ The Noisemakers event thrown by Shot97’s PETER ROSENBERG.

‘Rainy Dayz’

I’m on heavy Cuban Linx mode this week. As you read this I am enterprising an alliance to come up on some tickets for the concert tonight at the Nokia theatre with Redman, Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. Should I wear my Iron Man Air Max 180s?

iron man

iron man

iron man

iron man

iron man

PrA’li not since the weather report said it would thunderstorm again tonight.

The concert will be just like this right here except 1000x better.

As much as I am going to love these dudes doing the classic material I am going to go batshit if they perform this song…

‘4 Minutes 2 Lockdown’

After the Noisemakers event I wanted to motivate over to the HomebaseNYC anniversary concert. HomebaseNYC is one of the many projects that my homey DeePhunk is producing. His partner in rhyme is the sister whose name escapes my burnout ass. I owe her and Spec Boogie the best shout out on another drop here on this site.

HomebaseNYC was deep with the internets and TWitter celebs. I dived into the green room to see if I could partake of any refreshments but Hip-Hop was in the building (read: boozehounds had already absconded with the comp beers). I still hung around though and guess who was holding court? The broady executive 40 Diesel. My mans-n-them was there too. Tanya Morgan’s DONWILL, brass knuckle rap addict Spec Boogie, Sixth Sense and California spitter DIZ GIBRAN on his NYC grizzly.

DIZ was extremely humble and real when I put him on the spot. He is a real dude that I am gonna start checking for on the regulack. Plus, he ain’t afraid of the ‘S’ on the back of the internets. I fux with dudes that understand the macro > micro. DIZ goes in hard [ll] over J.Dilla for the Jay $tay Paid album.

Make It Fast’ (Unadulterated)

The HomebaseNYC show ended with the emo stylings of the young man COLIN MUNROE. I wasn’t mad at son for being wild EMO. That is the newest trend in the game along with skinny jeans. Right now rap music needs an official MICHAEL McDONALD on the chorus to smash all the EMO’s and T-Pains in they biscuit. But until then…

Colin Munroe – ‘Will I Stay’ from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Putting The Pee In Politricks…

Thursday, July 30th, 2009


^ Only in Africa could this beverage be better than water.

Yo, on the reals…

Eff the two douchebags visiting the president to come up on free beers. Neither of those dudes, Professor Gates or Sargeant Jim Crow deserve the honor. They are both douchebag bigots. Here’s my TWitter thread from 5am…

“Obama is a swagger jacker. I started the internets popularity of BYOB BBQ’s. Now Obama has a Bring Your Own Bigot beer party. Biter.”

“The cop is an authoritarian bigot. He thinks everyone should kneel down to police badge and gun [ll]. PrA’li a fag.”

“The professor is an intellectual bigot. He thinks everyone should respect his degrees and academic shit.”

“And let’s be absolutely 100 percent clear on this one fact. The professor and the police officer BOTH hate the SAME Blacks.”

“Lets not think that race doesn’t have a pretext in the discussion however. Most of us don’t get hung up on that issue though primarily.”

“Both parties were dewshs for different reasons. One, because he had a gun and the other because his uzi weighs a ton.”

“Lastly, their choices of beer sucked the ass that dewshbaggs only know how to suck. No Heinekin Darks or Negro Modelos for these asshats?”


Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

hail meg

A little remixing is going on today internets while I get myself together.

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to build with emcee par excellance Raekwon while he was in the studio with

That’s like the golden ticket to DisneyWorld.

I was part of the inaugural broadcast of Nah’Right Radio.

Slam Dunk.

Combat Jack gave the car a boost so I could make the home run to Freeport.

I just touched down.

Gonna need a minute to collect my thoughts and report back cogently.

Thank you for your patience.

hail meg