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Ain’t Nuthin’ To Fux With…

Friday, September 30th, 2011


Slang Rap Democracy sat down with the Wu-Tang and talked about some of the most important music which Hip-Hop has borne.

Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to fuck with. The RZA is our Duke Ellington and the Wu-Tang is his orchestra.

Oatmeal Lifestyle…

Friday, September 30th, 2011


Chocolate Snowflake FTMFW. On top of copping me a new videocamera, she treated me to a couple of I.T.’s for my new year.

Flag sweaters are everlasting fresh.

I might have a dozen in the archives in various colors knit from cotton to lambswool.


This flag knit also has a matching beanie which just shuts down the setup.


Happy new year to me. LOL

Juelz Santana Is 2Dope…

Friday, September 30th, 2011


Remember when Juelz Santana had next?

Well he’s got NOW on Tuesday at S.O.B.’s.

Meka on the decks and LowKey as your host with the most.

The Internets done came up.

History Always Gets White Washed…

Friday, September 30th, 2011

surfer dudes

Chocolate Snowflake took me to catch a flick about Black surfers called ‘White Wash‘. As you might imagine the whole surfboard shit is some Black bullshit. Turns out Africans have been on some wave riding shit for a basically forever. It’s how the Africans got to Australia and subsequently how the Australians found themselves in the Pacific Islands.

Sure, Africans did everything first, but how the movie transported the sport or even the recreation of surfing to modern times was fascinating. Blacks always have a hard time doing shit because white doesn’t trust them. Would you? Eventually this white shit is gonna have to wind itself down and that includes watersports [ll] and conversely boardsports.

Snowboarding, skateboarding and surfboarding will all get taken over by Blacks as soon as Blacks get access to the mountainside, the halfpipe and the beach. Just look at Sal Masakela. That dude went and skipped the line and is even hosting shows and submitting commentary on boardsporting events. The idea I left the movie with is that eventually everything will belong to white so just have fun with it while you can.

Boot Camp Clique Chronicles…

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

world hiker

The Timberland #68012 World Hiker were handcrafted in Montebelluna, Italy. Timberland set the bar at an almost unreachable level with these boots.

If Timberland doesn’t retro these shoes I won’t ever get to sport my OG pair. Let’s form a petition to ask Timberland to retro the World Hiker.

Who’s with me?