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Tuesday, November 28th, 2006


Before I get into this deep shiite I need to acknowledge everybody that has put this site in their bookmark toolbar. You folks are the reason I am sleep deprived and losing my mind. I thank you though because I have never been more alive either. You challenge me to be a better person than I would be on my own. If time is money you people are helping me get out of debt. As an aside, REGINA from Sweden, your candygram is on its way.

Now let’s get down to business. Literally. I’m sure that most of you have seen mention of the term ‘prison industrial complex’. It’s a term that I’ve heard from activists for many years and I assumed that meant that prisons were using their inmates to produce items that benefitted the administration of the state. Things like license plates and highway signage seemed like a smart idea to me as a way to procure some type of labor from people who were incarcerated anyhoo. We’ve all seen the image of the chain gang that digs trenches and canals for statewide infrastructure projects. In that framework I had no problem with the fact that these people were paid a slave wage for their labor since it was part and parcel of being locked up.

The wormhole goes way deeper than just that bucolic view of prison labor. If you think that HBO’s ‘The Wire’ is the most gangsta shiite evar then please peep the link here to the Maryland Correctional Enterprises Prison Enhancement Program. The Federal government passed legislation during the Carter adminstration that allowed states to form PRIVATE corporations to manage their penitentiary labor forces. These private companies could now charge the state for producing the things they had always created like license plates and highway signage, but even bigger than that is the fact these private corporations could invest in the equipment and facilities to diversify the items that were being made. There is a direct correlation to the disappearance of factories and industrial hubs within the United States. We were led to believe that manufacturing had been outsourced overseas to China. The truth is that manufacturing is still in America, except it is no longer done by unionized workers. It’s done by prison inmates.

The privatization of Americas prisons is fucked the fuck up on a trillion levels. Firstly, as a private sector company it’s first concern must be it’s bottomline and that of the shareholders. The focus of any corporation is to maximize profits and for the prison industrial complex to do this it needs an endless supply of fresh bodies. The more bodies means the more items may be generated for sale. Rehabilitating prisoners, or even releasing them is actually bad for business.

The second reason that this arrangement in anti-American is because it shatters the manufacturing industry that provided real jobs at living wages for real people. By paying people a slave wage for tangible labor these prison industry corporations are creating a permanent underclass. When an inmate is released from the penitentiary he has skills that are only applicable to work inside the penitentiary. It should be no surprise to any fair-minded person why the rates of recidivism have skyrocketed.

I have researched several states that have created these private prison industrial corporations and each one sells their products to public and private entities. It used to be that these corporations only made items for use in the public sector. From furniture and fixtures to state agencies and public schools and other public use facilities. These corporations have begun to craft items that are being sold to private businesses on the internets. At the cost these prison companies are fabricating items you can expect other industries to close shop due to cost overruns and diminshing profit margins.

All I’m saying is that the next time I see a ‘Made In America’ tag you can believe my ass is gonna take pause (no DAME DASH).


Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

the brain

I really shouldn’t hate on this dude because he will be President one day.

And BERNARD KERIK will be the Secretary of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

orignally posted on 12.22.05 before Kerik was shredded by the G.O.P. vetting process and we all learned of his sketchy (read: mafia) background

“I Get Wild Like LARRY DAVIS”

Monday, November 27th, 2006


I know that I’ve sworn off using YouTube videos in my drops, but let’s face it, they’re a beast with force that you can’t deny. Kind’a like your mans-n-them ESKAY from Nah’Right.

Nah’Rizzle dropped a link the other day to this series of YouTube’s documenting the story of NYC cult hero LARRY DAVIS. Most people aren’t built to withstand the heat that comes from the entire NYPD trying to kill you while the supremacist media simultaneously castigates you. LARRY managed to do that. He lost his ability to walk in the process, but he never lost his will to live.

Peep dude’s true story…


Monday, November 27th, 2006

boys of baraka

Black men in America are mired in a classic ‘Worst Month Evar’ since the beginning of November.

For starters, we find that wherever there seems to be a small population of Blacks there also seems to be a lot of homicides. Philadelphia and Detroit were always at the top of that infamous list and now even small time backwater ‘burgs like St. Louis are taking the lead for annual homicide stats.

Next, we lose veteran journalist and token broadcast negro news writer ED BRADLEY to the other fag killing monster not named RUSSELL HENDERSON. Right after that GERALD LEVERT goes to that great big recording booth in the sky, and you know it was big.

College football has everybody excited this time of year. Everybody except the family of University of Miami player BRYAN PATA who was shot to death only a few hours after leaving the practice field with his team. UM players have a history of being problematic so I suppose it was only a short time before the players took it to the proverbial next level.

MICHAEL ‘KKKramer’ RICHARDS reminded us of our not to distant past legacy here in the Americas as he rained down a hail of epithets at two chatty jig comedy club patrons. And speaking of making it rain…

The New York City Police Department made Chicken Noodle Soup and a can of cranberry sauce on the side out of a groom-to-be over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

At first I was pretty upset about the NYPD raining automatic bullets on a few unarmed Black guys, but maybe this tragedy can have a silver lining inside those stormy clouds of police brutality. The two surviving victims have twenty (20) bullet wounds between them. If you divide that up that’s 10 apiece. These two guys have a promising career in cRap music before them if they want. They could start their own label – Bullet Riddled Records. They were shot up in the same area of Southside Jamaica Queens as FISTY SCENT. With the right marketing plan this could be the rags to riches story that we all need this holiday season.

Well what do you know? Black guys don’t have it all that bad after all.

The Monday Morning Quarterback Wk.12

Monday, November 27th, 2006


Some of you may have been confused with the Bonus Points + Heavy Roller feature. 40 DAWG, LM and PRYNSEX had it figured out, but not as well as me. I put my faith in STEVEN JACKSON having a big game on the 49er’s, and I still almost lost to the NFL’s MVP LaDANIAN TOMLINSON. In any case, I hope that you would shout me out in the comments section or via e-mail if you have any questions with the way the pool works.

How ’bout them Cowboys? Y’all better show some respect to that jig statesman, MICHAEL IRVIN. I predicted the ‘Boys would have a record of 12-4 way back when and I am still sticking with my squad especially since the Giants have shown they are straight up trash. The Ray-Vens keep beating everybody they play, but this upcoming week when the play the red-hot Bengals will let me know if they are for real like EVANDER. Like the National Football League our pool is wide open for anyone to win. And just like in the NFL, things are getting tighter at the top…

THE DALLAS = 12 pts (54)
CANDICE = 7 pts (55)
40 DAWG aka Dr. Archibald Bitchschlapp = 5 pts (49)
LM = 9 pts (53)
AMADEO = 8 pts (55)
JESSE = 4 pts (38)
SHONQUAYSHAH= 5 pts (49)
Mr.KAMOJI = 8 pts (53)
EL A IN THE D = -1 pts (32)
SASQUATCHFART = 9 pts (47)
PRYNSEX = 10 pts (50)
S DOT = 7 pts (45)
ALEX2.0 = 5 pts (51)
ESBEE = 5 pts (21)

ESBEE is still stuck in the rear for active players, but maybe this week he’ll make some progress. And speaking of progress, this week we will holler at Burger King to see if we can get some corporate love for our NFL Football Pool.

burger king