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Monday, April 28th, 2008

rtb flyer

Have you peeped the flyer for the 2008 Rock The Bells tour?

How crazy is this?

Only one date for the NY tri-state?

Step up your Hip-Hop party people.

Word to OhWord.

It’s A Promo, It’s A Promo, It’s A Promo…

Monday, April 28th, 2008


A couple of teaser clips from the new iNternets Celebrities video ‘CHECKMATE‘.

O.G. Online Banking

Child Support Payment Center

POLITRICKS 2008: Scorched Earth Campaigning…

Monday, April 28th, 2008


Mama said knock YOUUUU out…

If you ask me, the campaign of HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON has tarnished BILL CLINTON’s legacy as president. It has forced me to re-examine his corporate malfeasance acceptance. His handshakes and winked eyes towards trade abroad and his insane record for sending Black men to prison like it was band camp.

BILL CLINTON never seemed as slick or dishonest when he was in office. Now its more obvious how grimey he can get. Didn’t he and HRC boost some of the furnishings from the White House? Prah’lee for BILL to put on eBay so that he could put funds into his escort hooker PayPal account.

HRC sure could use that money now as her campaign sets the political landscape on fire like southern California.

On one hand HRC says that OBAAMA ain’t hardbody enough to be president because here she is putting her hands in his face and he hasn’t even slapped her yet. You already know that BILL would have been slapped HRC by now. Whenever HRC trotted out a social program and the Rethug congress threw that shit on the wall she would get a ‘Ho Sit Down’ from her husband.


Instead of simply just brushing the dirt off his shoulders, a ‘HO SIT DOWN‘ is what OBAAMA needs to give HILLARY CLINTON.

He needs to say, “Ho Sit Down! You is fucking up the Democratic party, and you know Black peoples love to get they leftwing party right”

Man. I wish OBAAMA talked like that all he time.

Although it would prah’lee mean that I was the only person that understood what he was saying.

And its not just a silly blogger like myself telling HRC that the time has come to fold up the tent. The CLINTON campaigns biggest financiers are starting to tighten their purses because she seems so desperate to win. Then HRC gets even more desperate and sullies the party even further. Girlboy TINA FEY can do only so much for HRC against the mulatto juggernaut named OBAAMA.

If HILLARY is determined to take this fight to the middle of August then she had better enlist a liteskin dynamo of her very own to combat OBAAMA’s audacity of optimism.

I’ve seen BeYONCE doing DirecTV commercials so she can’t be too expensive for the cash strapped CLINTON campaign.


iNternets Nerds Unite!

Sunday, April 27th, 2008


Yes, shit is fucked the fuck up in the rotten apple for brothers right now.

But that isn’t going to stop me from going to the midnite screening of ‘Iron Man’ this Thursday.

Who else is down?

Depending on who wants to eff with this joint will decide where we post up.

It’s either gonna be on 34th Street

or in Crooklyn

Let me know what’s good ‘cuz I can go either way [ll].

Shhhh, Don’t Tell Lupe…

Sunday, April 27th, 2008


BILLY X. SUNDAY stays on his ATCQ shit.

I was listening to the Lupe Fiasco ‘Superstar’ remix and, I was really listening to it on some jedi concentration shit. I should preface this drop by stating that I caught a brick of some mango hashish. I don’t advocate drug use, whether it be illegal or over the counter (I fucks with DayQuil heavy), but sometimes a Friday night ain’t right without a blunt. Is all I’m sayin’.

So check it, I just got my journalistic review copy (read: unauthorized .rar) of the new legendary Roots album. You can best believe I will be going in on the retail for this joint since this shit is knocking my sperakerbox like that. So anyhoo, I rolled up my el in a dutch, I poured myself a tall cup of Crystal Light Iced Tea mixed with Henny (read: Black man’s water) and I turned on the laptop.

I’ve been listening to a lot of A Tribe Called Quest lately for no particular reason other than that is the only type of shit my lady keeps on her iPod. We took a trip to Montreal to get a stamp on our passports and I ended up listening to every ATCQ album a few times. I used to argue that DeLa Soul was the G.O.A.T. backpack rap clique, but gotdamn does Tribe have a grip of hits. This summer’s Rock The Bells concerts will be a Native Tongues/Spitkicker reunion. Maybe the new admin here at the X spot will lace me with a press pass like Eskay did last year? Prah’lee not tho’.

My point is that ATCQ really did go in and make some classic music. I have to remind myself sometimes that these old dudes in the rap game were once fresh without pushing themes that described the exploitation of the poor. Coming up in any game without throwing people under this bus is harder than just being someone who would do anything for a dollar. I hope these cats from ATCQ can get that last album off before Phife Diggy melts away. Hip-Hop needs that shit.

Speaking of Lupe…

Did I ever give T.I. credit for merc’king everyone on that ‘Superstar’ remix? Lupe’s verse is fly enough and prah’lee better than 87.355 percent of the shit that gets played on the radio, but T.I. went in and showed that he was doing his lyrical push ups while his ass was on house arrest. I’m no longer upset at that stupid home video T.I. made in his robe and drawls. If that dude is going to rhyme like that he will challenge 3000 for the title of the South’s best rapper.

Yeah, I know, who cares?