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What Is Love?

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014



1991 was one of the greatest years in sneakers for me. Mainly because I had wild bread to spend on kicks and other gear. And also because it was prA’Li the twilight for tennis shoes design and technology. Basketball shoes were so dominant by now and there was no player more dominent than Michael Jordan.

Jordan twisted and tumbled to win his first of a half dozen Association championships wearing the Air Jordan VI. This was the first Jordan that I bought for myself even before he won the title. I copped it because it looked so ill. It wasn’t a sneaker. The Air Jordan VI was a sportscar built for driving thru lanes. It reminds me of a 911 Carrera with the rear spoiler and blown out wheel wells.

The Air Jordan VI will be dropping in several colorways this year, new and classic. I got my mitts on the release called the Infrared 23s. I think I’ll call them my little red Corvettes


Ban Mac Lamar…

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014


Let’s be clear about this one fact… Dallas Penn and Black people as a collective are the LEAST homophobic people on the planet. This is a fact. I do not have a phobia of homosexuals. Sure, I enjoy playing the pause [ll] game, but that shit is just fun. I do not fear gheys tho’ because they aren’t the problem.

Macklemore is the natural progression of rap music in the hands of capitalistic corporations. Do you think capitalism really cares about ghey rights, civil rights or human rights for that matter? Hells nah. They are marching us towards the day when people will pay a premium to own children. That’s right, I said OWN children. Like Madonna and all of her Black babies.

Madonna can afford to adopt African babies tho’ and pay the tariffs imposed for moving those children across borders and oceans. The rest of us won’t be that fortunate. Macklemore, Ellen deGeneres and the ghey media are all tools for capitalism and certainly not the rights of ghey, lezbird, RuPauls and transmetrosexual people.

But Macklemore is definitely a scourge to people who have no idea what Hip-Hop really is. He is a watered down pop music artist who has copied the mannerisms of the greatest entertainers before him. He sucks because he is a biter. Macklemore is unoriginal. Macklemore is counterfeit. Never mention Macklemore’s name in the same vein of Hip-Hop.


Get Ready For Combat…

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


On the latest episode of the Combat Jack Show I offered some sage advice to Black male teens for the times they find themselves without the ‘relative’ safety of their homes…

No More Fingerguns.

Fingerguns are fine within the confines of your home or your friends (see Chief Keff video screenshots) but outside of the home they are fearsome and threatening. Michael Dunn was prA’Li a racist already but when he saw those fingerguns pointed at him he felt a kind of ways and took action.

Unfortunately for his life, Jordan Davis and his friends had no real guns to put in their fingers. Stay tuned for more information like this on the Combat Jack Show.



Thursday, February 20th, 2014


I’M SICCCKKKK I have to wait until August to watch this summer blockbuster

Make Mine Marvel… FOR LIFE!!!


Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

doppel flyer

The Dopp plus Bitches Is Crazy?!?