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Saturday, April 29th, 2006

miss fitty

They are both fierce bitches.

Inspiration provided by CRUNK and Disorderly.

Sports Are Still Teh Ghey

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

tight pants

Sports are the only place that allows men to hug each other and touch each other’s asses. Try doing that to one of your ‘teammates’ inside the Bear+Stearns boardroom and see where it gets you. Athletes live in a strange reality that is separate from our own. They are exalted and reviled for no other reason than the color of the shirt that they wear to work. Some people think the money that some professional athletes earn justifies the public contempt that they receive. These are the same people that hate BARRY BONDS.


There have been all kinds of articles written claiming that BONDS career be given an asterisk. I don’t see these claims directed at any of the other baseball players from his era. BONDS wasn’t the only slugger that hit home runs and broke records during the last ten years. BONDS’ crime against the baseball scribes isn’t just his Blackness, because BOND’s identifies with Black males even less than BABE RUTH does. BOND’s biggest flaw is that he is a Black Douchebag. That is the unforgivable sin.

SHOWBEE BRYANT was a young B.D. for his entire career. He was selfish and pouty. In the classic definition of snitching, he divulged the private secrets of one of the most popular and well-liked players in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform.

The common thread that I see with Black Douchebags is that they are usually from professional athlete families. BONDS dad was a serviceable major leaguer and SHOWBEE’s pop, JELLYBEAN, was journeyman b-baller who played into his fifties. Neither of these men were championship winners in their respective sports. They have bestowed their athleticism upon their seeds and what also seems to be the attitutude of entitlement.

BARRY BONDS made baseball fans forget about his Black Douchebag status by hitting a record number of homeruns in one season. SHOWBEE has taken a page from this playbook as he completed a year in which he had a career high for his scoring average. SHOWBEE nearly scored 100 points one game this season. SHOWBEE has used his me-first mindset to bring the Lakers into the NBA playoffs. Sports fans tend to forget how much they hate you when your team wins games. But trust me, SHOWBEE is still a B.D.



you got pwned bitch


Saturday, April 29th, 2006

cazzy and wizzle

Guess which one of these rappers likes to be spooned by CLIVE DAVIS…


Saturday, April 29th, 2006

the holy grizzly

In Search of… The HOLY GRAIL.

These joints are another gem in the Holy Grail of tennis shoes. AIR TECH CHALLENGE ’92 3/4. Almost all of AGASSI’s signature shoes were the truth. NIKE integrated the apparel with these shoes even better than the JORDAN brand I.T.’s. The knit shirts had graffiti prints and paint splashes like it wasn’t nothing.

black tekz

ANDRE AGASSI born 4.29.1970. Las Vegas stand up!

MEXICO Legalizes, But Will T.K.C. Advertise?

Friday, April 28th, 2006

tonys kansas city

I haven’t been on the web in a minute so I feel a little disconnected from my friends, albeit I haven’t actually met any of you, I feel like we still congregate in the same places.

Did anyone peep the newsreel about Mexico and their plan to legalize small amounts of narotics? This is some ultra-progrssive legislation because they are removing the criminal stigma that gets attached to casual users and addicts alike. I always felt like arresting an addict was an insult placed upon an injury.

We spend so much money here in the states building prisons it forces us to make more criminals. Mexico is moving in the opposite direction with their war on drugs. It’s a move that some critics say creates more addicts but I disagree with that. Availability of narcotics doesn’t create addicts. The unavailability of oppurtunity to secure wealth, yet the constant advertising of the rewards of wealth is what creates addicts. The recognizable disparity between the people that have and the people that have not is where addiction is borne. I like Mexico’s stance on this issue and I will try to see if there are any noticable results in the near future.

I really enjoy the irony that lard ass loudmouth RUSH LIMBAUGH can now illegally immigrate to Mexico to get his Ocycontin fix right.