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Friday, August 29th, 2008


There’s a serious jumpoff tonight for all you sneaker fiends in NYC, especially Brooklyn. GabeRockka stand the fuck up!

Friday 08.29.08
JUST FOR KICKS: A Sneaker Appreciation Event
Hosted by DJ Clark Kent

With Performances by Rahsaan, Fresh Daily, 6 Sense, James Watts, Rephstar & Patty Dukes and Special Guest

Live Art
125 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn (Park Slope)

Saturday 08.30.08
SFU-NYC: Sneaker Fiends Unite NYC Tour

Travel around NYC shopping for exclusive and affordable sneakers with iNternets Celebrity DALLAS PENN. Have fun while doing hoodrat shit in the Bronx, Harlem and midtown Manhattan.

For more info – 212.767.9174 (that’s my fucking cell phone so act like you know bitches)

In the meantime and in between time peep these custom Air Max 90’s in the ?uestLove AF-1 colorways. Shits is so fire, they are flameproof, nah’mean?!?




Prince vs. Michael Jackson = Soul Slam XII

Friday, August 29th, 2008

soul slam

In one corner His Purple Badness, in the other corner, the Gloved Boy Wonder.

Choose your sides and most of all, bring your dancing shoes.

Sunday August 31, 2008
KeiStar Productions presents…

Prince vs. Michael Jackson
Music By DJ Spinna

199 Bowery Btwn Spring & Rivington Streets
10pm – 4am

$20 Advance Tickets

Get there early, get there MAD EARLY!
It’s the ultimate battle of musical marvels!


Sheila E, Morris Day & The Time, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Alexander O.Neal, Vanity 6, Appolonia, Jackson 5, Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie, MJ covers & more from DJ Spinna’s eclectic archives.

Soul Slam is reminiscent of some of NYC’s great all time dance parties. There are no pretensions and NO dress code, but if you have a purple cape and a sequined glove you will pwn the night.

soul slam Takes Over Brooklyn

Friday, August 29th, 2008


DJ GUDTYME is one of my peeps from forever. You might remember GUDS as the emcee for the X-Ecutioners. He is trying to get his weight up on the blogosphere too. Hip-Hop heads need to fucks with FlameProof dot com a/k/a ‘The Gud Word’.

Launch party in Williamsburg Saturday nite. No cover. Slide thru.

Supreme Trading
213 North 8th Street

POLITRICKS 2008: Eight Is Enough…

Friday, August 29th, 2008


I went to a dinner party at my boy MALIK’s crib to watch the nomination speech from BARACK OBAAMA. In terms of political speak it was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. BARACK OBAAMA did a fantastic job of connecting JOHN McCAIN with the current presidential administration. I remember when the G.O.P. connected AL GORE to the CLINTON administration. That shit stuck like a motherfucker too.

What’s funny to me is that OBAAMA seems to be more BUSH-like policywise than JOHN McCAIN. Didn’t OBAAMA just co-sign the FISA bill that exempted the telecom providers from criminal prosecution? That single piece of legislation was one of the most damaging documents to the civil liberties of Americans. If the government isn’t going to protect our rights then no one will. I guess this is that own-ership that OBAAMA was referring to. The other G DUBBZ similarities are the two daughters and the reported past affinity for the “white girl” (no Alice Blackwell).

There isn’t much I gleaned from OBAAMA’s speech as to exactly how we are going to accomplish the goals that he has set out for us like returning industry back to America and educating the children. I shouldn’t have expected too much in the way of substantive methodology since the Republicans are backpedaling as we speak. The G.O.P. convention organizers are considering pushing back their shindig because of the hurricane now threatening the Gulf Coast.

Memo to the White House: (not like they read these damn things anyhoo)
You are already three years too fucking late.

My favorite part of OBAAMA’s speech was his reference to the droll 1980’s sitcom that starred DICK Van PATTEN called ‘Eight Is Enough’. Eight years of the G DUBBZ administration has certainly been enough for my viewing pleasure. It’s been high time to cancel this series. What I’m worried about is OBAAMA and BIDEN being the cast for the reruns.



Thursday, August 28th, 2008

rod lavers

When my homey T from StapleCrops jumped off the Hip-Hop Word Count website proclaiming his method for rating rap lyrics and he didn’t acknowledge DP Dot Com in the credits you could imagine I felt a kind of way. How the fuck can you act like that shit came to you when you know I’m the John ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Nash of this rap rating shit? I decided to say eff it and let that dude find his own way with that damn site

My dude went to Morehouse so I suppose that is how they break their students down to navigate the world. Jump on some shit if you think you can make a dollar out of it. I would never hate on anyone’s money if they came up with shit to help people think better, even if the idea was poached. I’m not saying that T stole my ideas because these notions were developed during a smoking session at his crib. What I am saying is that you can’t get that raw UnKut but from the main source.

rod lavers

As an olive branch to appease my reticence TAHIR hit me on the celly and plugged me to this spot in SoHo selling leather Rod Lavers for twenty cent. Sonn didn’t text me days after the fact which is how some fugazi foolios get down. Dude sent the text from the checkout line. I found myself in the store the following day ready to copp two pair. For twenty cent apiece? That is better than eBay on a good day. Plus, these are the leather Rod Lavers and not the mesh joints. The mesh joints don’t last too long. You can never really, really clean them joints. The mesh upper has too many nooks and crannies. The all leather joints only need a slightly damp paper towel with a dab of Murphy’s oil soap and you are crispy all over again.

The Rod Laver isn’t a sneaker either. These shits are tennis shoes. I copped the white on whites. I can see myself getting married to C.S. in these. They are that crispy and their silhouette is so understated. You will notice how most sneakers have panels that overlay one another. This is great for when you have different colorways or materials so that the contrast pops off. The Rod Laver is simple, and therefore simply perfect. No bells, whistles or air bubbles. Just white on white, with a small suede strip across the toebox. I consider the Rod Lavers one of the tennis shoe jewels inside the Holy Grail along with the O.G. Air Tech Challenge and the Nike INDSTRUKT Air Resistance.

rod lavers

rod lavers

rod lavers

I stress the use of polysyllable words within rap music because the complexity of these words adds additional movement to rapper’s lyrics. It is akin to placing the squared or cubed designation beside a numeral. The polysyllabic word has a root word that lends the base meaning and a prefix or suffix attached that provides the additional movement to the root phrase.

In the seminal rap song ‘Microphone Fiend’ RAKIM not only blisters the track with dozens of polysyllabic verses he brings the song to a close by invoking mathematics. RAKIM isn’t simply happy to let the rhythm hit ’em so he pulls out a Euclidean algorithm.

For any entertainer I got a torture chamber
One on one and I’m the remainder

The REMAINDER bitches! Until you know what is good for you I suggest you fuck with DP Dot Com and the Hip-Hop Word Count.