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Just Like Old Times…

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

the fam

It feels like my whole fam has migrated from NYC to ATL. Nay-Nay, Uncle Drunk, Smoogie, Dontravius… Everybody.

I never understand why Black folks always let themselves be presented as homophobes in the media. We don’t hate anybody. Thanksgiving dinner is the proof of that.

Everyone gets a seat at the family table. My gay cousin. My junkie aunt. My white uncle. My cleptomaniac brother. Everybody.

Enjoy your family party people, or not. You only get one. Unless you get married. And then hopefully the in-laws don’t become the outlaws.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

imagery = VeE

Welcome 2 Heartbreak

So by the time you read this drop I will be at my day job after another night of not sleeping in order to churn out drops on this site and a column for the evil empire.

*If anyone catches me on the Twitter or G-Chat this week at 5am please call Blackwater and tell them to come kill me.

What the hell am I fading my ass for? Seriously? Meanwhile I am waiting at the mailbox for my September check like a fucking derelict crackhead.

I definitely appreciate the time you all take to come here and talk shit with me, but if I wasn’t on these interwebs y’all still would be. My problem is that I have been competing for your attention with the entire internets. I’m never gonna win that fight. As a matter of fact, I’ve started to lose seriously. My health is fucked the fuck up. I’m about to put the die in diet. I’ve got to get my shit back together again.

Hopefully the trip to Atlanta will help me find my center again. The first thing I decided to do for myself was to leave my BlacBook at the crib. I have a PC in mom’s basement anyhoo, but the fact that I haven’t turned this laptop off in several months means there is some psychological shit at work on my brain. Separation anxiety has prA’li already set in for me knowing that I will be without my favorite tool [ll] for a week.

I will still up some fresh new content to the page for all you hardbody DP Dot Com readers like ERNIE. Who can cajol me in one sentence, compliment in yet another one before finally cursing me out. Thanks ERNIE. This fanboy video is for you…

I was fucking with the ‘Love Lockdown’ track from the jump. Shit reminded me of Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Move Your Body’. That reminded me of after-hours nightspots in NYC and all the pretty ladies in biker shorts that I jacked my body with.

My final pitch for the ‘808s & Heartbreak’ album is for you all to understand that at the end of the day Hip-Hop music is the expression of soul using the first two instruments – the drum and the voice. The 808 drum machine contains a myriad number of artificial drum sounds which not only imitate the drum but elevate the instrument.

The auto-tune vocal pitch corrector, or vocoder for those of you like myself who don’t give a fuck allows the human to become a woodwind or horn based instrument. What is freaky about this is the fact that horns, flutes and woodwinds were designed to imitate the voices of animals. Back to the future themes are all around us.

The album ‘808s & Heartbreak’ is totally Hip-Hop. It is a celebration of the drum and the voice. Alpha and Omega bitches.

Imagine the chemical act of transforming a solid object into liquid form, then crystallizing that liquid. Now crush those crystals into a fine dust and sprinkle that dust onto your Cuban sandwich.

It’s 5 fucking a.m. and my ass is faded.

Kanye West is fated.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


How in the hell did CitiBank just come up in the game like that? Was it like “Boo hoo, our pockets is flat.” Or was it like, “G’z up! This is a jack move sonn!” I would prA’li expect the latter. You don’t get billions of dollars on some bitchmade whiny boy bullshit. Look what that got General Motors. Nathan. And not even a Coney Island frankfurter.

You might imagine that in some back room in the Capitol building Congressmen are being held up by their ankles and punched in their guts by Blackwater mercenaries hired by Citibank. Nahh, it’s more like dudes are catching the love love on some tri-lateral pyramid kickback scheme that is so convoluted and complicated that I couldn’t even begin to break it down for y’all.

Not that I’d want Blackwater mercenaries, er, contractors kicking in my door anyhoo.

Full Disclosure: My co-op’s mortgage is through CitiBank. I’m secretly hoping I can stop paying this shit as part of the bailout plan.

Stays Fiending Uncontrollably…

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008


This was the S.F.U. crew in full effect on Fordham Road.

GRRL ZOEY took the shot so you don’t see her though.

sfu voltron

Forming Voltron.

Why does Nattiez have the wrong foot in the cipher? Good thing he is repping the Untold Truth.

The date for the December S.F.U. run is still the 20th unless enough heads push it back like the Detox album.

December 27th?


January 3rd?

I can’t call it else I might spoil it.

Peep these recent acquisitions…


Dunk Hi Premium – Croatia a/k/a DRAZEN P’s
They should have never told me these joints were made to rep the Croatian national team. Them dudes is like the Golden State Warriors of the Caucasus Mountains.

$50 @ A.Jays – 8th Avenue & 36th Street


Dunk Lo Premium – Ponyboy Outsiders
The true story is that this classic coming of age tale by S.E. HINTON has two main characters that bear my government name and the name my family uses for me. No wonder I ended up in a gang, er, youth collective.

$40 @ Dr.JAY’s – Fulton Street, Brooklyn

premi blue

premi orange

Dunk Hi Premium
These joints are the high top versions of the Ponyboys. The upper has suede, premium leather, patined leather and a faux ponyskin material on the heel area. The insoles feature a Zoom Air unit.

They are being reduced at various stores and I want to copp at least one pair for about $40. That should be the going rate if not cheaper for the next S.F.U. NYC Tour. In the meantime I will continue to scout some new locations for us to fall through as well as some different styles that I see going up on clearance.

DP stays telling the truth to the youth…

S.F.U. on YouTube – Deadstock Dallas


Monday, November 24th, 2008

black dynamite

I never took a minute to properly salute the comedic vision of RUDY RAY MOORE. He is surely part of the bridge of trickster poets from the motherland that begat rap musicians style for verbal expression.

I think this film will be a fitting sendoff.

My favorite line at the end of this NSFW trailer is when the narrator says, “Rated Arrrah!”