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Saturday, May 29th, 2010


Where is Tim Donaghy when you want to ‘engineer’ a classic Finals matchup?

N8 Robinson two-piecing Kobe Bryant a la Chris Childs would be priceless.

Sean Price Is SuperRhymes…

Saturday, May 29th, 2010


Q: Yo Sean P!? What made you want to become an emcee?

A: This…

Jimmy Spicer – ‘The Adventures Of Super Rhymes’

And Sean is so coool, coool, cooooooooooooool.


Thursday, May 27th, 2010

pub crawl

Tomorrow night will be the opening to a monstrous 3-day weekend here in the U.S. There’s nothing unfamiliar about extended weekends in Europe. They do that shit all summer long. The only thing about holiday weekends we’ve adopted from our cousins across the pond is the Friday night pub crawl.

Here in NYC Thursday night is the new Friday night and from Park Slope to Astoria to L.E.S. and Amsterdam Avenue there will be mobs of co-eds, daytraders, ad men and retail starlets looking to throw a few back in honor of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. These New Balance 576 are the perfect shoes to cruise for brews.

New Balance designed these 576 with accents that honour British pubs from where the shoes were made. I like the premium leather all over the upper. Add to that New Balance’s legendary comfort and support and you have a pair of shoes built for whatever the night has in store for you. Best of all, the amber ale colorway will match your beverage.

nb576 pub crawl
nb576 pub crawl

The Clown Is On The Ba[ll]sachs…

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


^ And this sign I saw on an NYC bus is the proof.

I hit up El Gringo Colombiano to show him what the meme he created had become. Even corporate America is now embracing the pause button [ll]. Casimir pointed out however that McDonald’s was in fact pausing its own product which makes their swagger jack even more interesting.

Is McDonald’s warning us that their sweet tea product which has an undisclosed amount of High Fructose Corn Syrup can actually make you ghey? I wonder if they are trying to forewarn consumers that their beverage will put so much sugar in your tank that you will let Grimace fingerbang you?

And is Grimace a man or a woman? I feel like one of the fry guys is a fag too.

El Gringo Colombiano had an idea to hire Combat Jack Esquire to sue McDonald’s for intellectual property theft, but I had to nix that. Being that we like to consider ourselves as Web3.0 I think the best way to deal with the clown is to make the third and final installment of the Ghetto Big Mac trilogy.

We gotta tell the clown to show the internets some respect.

But first we got your ‘Stadium Status’…

All Day I Dream About Superheroes…

Thursday, May 27th, 2010


Sean P shot me another set of pics on his 2010 ‘Must Cop’ list.

Oh shit. Stan Smith adidas in a buttery smooth suede. The Stan Smith, while not one of my choices, is still unquestionably a Holy Grail tennis shoe. I would even posit that the Stan Smith is greater than the shelltoe because it has remained popular thru the years without a song to lead the sheep in its direction.

These green suede adidas immediately made me reference the Incredible Hulk. Most normal people might have thought money green at first sight, but I’m special like that. Plus when you think of Sean Price it’s not hard to imagine someone getting all gamma ray’d up inside of the recording booth.


pics via Crooked Tongues


I dare you NOT to get some dust in ya’ eyes…