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JOELL ORTIZ: Battle Cry…

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

joell ortiz

J.O. goes manimal on this track from his ‘Free Agent‘ CD

‘Battle Cry’


JOELL ORTIZ: CHECKIN’ 4 U from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Support The Movement…

Friday, February 25th, 2011


It’s that time of the year I reach out to my family and ask y’all to to put a few shekels in the tip jar aka the PrA’li button. Even some of my best internets friends have gone back to using the word ‘prolly’ because they don’t believe in the PrA’li movement any longer. I hope some of y’all still do. PrA’li don’t need a dub or even a dime to keep it moving. A five spot is all it takes to put your name on the snail mail list.

For those of you with a little more than a five spot I want to offer you an I.T. from my recent archives. Pictured below are two (2) Nike ACG sweatshirts both sized 3XL. Each is being offered at $28 which includes USPS Priority S/H along with delivery confirmation. Since I only have these two items in brown and hunter green I want to kindly ask you to let me know via the comments thread which one you want so that I don’t oversell these.




This I.T. is brand new with tags in a men’s size XL – $50 incl. S/H

Thanks as always for the support family and stay logged on to the best website on these whole internets.


Friday, February 25th, 2011


In a few more days the contest ‘Rep Your Sneaker’Hood’ will draw to a close. Who knew there were Sneaker Fiends Unite! reps in India?

‘Rep Your Sneaker’Hood’ has reminded me to visit all my favorite haunts across the city for sneaker deals. Delancey Street is still the super come-up spot but I fell thru a few Bronx shops on Fordham Avenue to see what they had in store.

R.I.P. Dwayne McDuffie, Comicbook Pioneer…

Friday, February 25th, 2011

mcduffie rip

Quiet as we have kept it, Black dudes are disproportionately comic book nerds. The whole idea of someone bringing justice to the planet is some Black bullshit. We are the ones that need the equality. White folks are mostly Lex Luthor in that they already own all the means to production and distribution, and they don’t have any serious intentions in upsetting the apple cart, unless that means adding more apples, of course.

Dwayne McDuffie was the quintessential comic book nerd who loved the medium so much that he dedicated his life to making it bigger, better and thankfully, Blacker. McDuffie founded Milestone Media company with which he created a series of comic book titles featuring superheroes from the darker side of the spectrum.

mcduffie rip

But it wasn’t just Black superheroes that McDuffie was concerned with creating but a reference for Black kids who could see and read about the diaspora in their communities. Poor, working class, educated and wealthy Blacks were all getting their burn.

The highest salute to McDuffie’s creative talent was that Warner Brothers media allowed him to revision their staple characters. The Justice League went from being a campy, corny 1970s kids cartoon to a seriously storied animated series for the new millennium. The key to McDuffie as a writer is that he understands that comic book characters have to represent the realized world, not the idealized world. In the realized world heroes aren’t always perfect, but they keep the faith.

This should be the lesson I think I will take from Dwayne McDuffie’s unfortunately too young demise.

I’ll keep the faith that one day a Black hero will rise to save us all.

McDuffie’s last piece of work was the adaption of the All-Star Superman graphic novel into an animated feature.

In Dwayne’s posthumous honor, I have several copies of the best Superman movie I ever saw to give away to whoever tells me the name of the hottest Lois Lane of all time.

Saigon Caught A Body…

Friday, February 25th, 2011


Saigon’s ‘Grestest Story Never Told’ is better than I thought it would be. Just Blaze did a masterful job of orchestrating a motion picture soundtrack for the album. Saigon uses the soundbed to explore every emotion that comes thru the mind of an emcee.

This album deserves to be this good tho’. I mean, it did take like forever to get released. I’m glad that both the artists kept their focus and their faith. You can imagine how easy it might have been to scuttle the idea of this album being released and then moving in a different direction.

Navigating the music industry is like running a marathon and not a sprint. Finishing quickly usually means your career does the same. Saigon must have learned the patience for the profession during his stint in prison. Now you see rappers like T.I. and Ja Rule trying to catch up to where Saigon has already left.

The first will be last and the last will be first.

Here’s one for the fellas…

Saigon featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz – Come On Baby (Remix)’

And one for the ladies…

Saigon featuring Raheem DeVaughn – ‘Give It To Me’

A banger for the jeeps…

Saigon featuring Q-Tip and Fatman Scoop – ‘The Invitation’

And an anthem for the streets.

Saigon – ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’