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RAEKWON: Road 2 Release Ep.1…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

shaolin vs wutang

I like what Raekwon is doing here to promote his latest album ‘Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang’ by reaching out to his fanbase and really connecting to them about what his goal for this album was. I remember when Rae and Ghost were shitting on the ‘8 Diagrams’ album (which I liked overall) by saying that the Wu-Tang spirit was missing.

I think Raekwon respects the legacy of the Wu and he wants to protect the heritage of their music and creative dynamism. I fux with Raekwon hardbody [ll]. Wu-Tang 4 ever.

Raekwon: The Road 2 Release Ep.1 from dallas penn on Vimeo.

David Dallas – ‘Til Tomorrow’…

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

david dallas

Dope visuals from my New Zealand homey and Duck Down Records distribution partner David Dallas.

I fux with this RATATAT produced track.

Outfit Architecture…

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


What you have learned from this site if nothing else is that your swag must be comprehensive and not limited to just one area. It takes time and patience to build a perfect ‘Fit.

I copped the Air Max 2011 with my final check. Thanks to the folks over there for letting me rock on that page and bring some of my audience to their site.


I’ve been an Air Max junkie from the very beginning and I follow the evolution of the shoe throughout (except for the 97s).

I smashed this hoody from the Dr.Jays store on 34th Street. You can’t go wrong with Nike neon since they insert that colorway onto almost everything they manufacture.


A Nike Sportswear tennis knit and a basic ‘Just Do It’ underlayer tee will be how I keep this ‘Fit clean and crisp.

The Air Max 2011 is the lightest version of the Air Max series. This is due to the Hyperfuse upper which is a flexible synthetic skin over a mesh sockliner. The Air Max 2009 airbag reigns supreme as the most evolved air platform.


Peep the detail on the Nike Sportswear short sleeve knit.

Air Max for the win.

Air Max for life.

From Pr0n Tapes To Mixtapes…

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

kim k

I don’t want to hear Kim Kardashian sing, unless by singing you mean screaming while she gets taken from the rear?

If all these who-ares keep sucking up music label resources where will all the real singers go to get their music published?

Pr0n videos, I guess. (NSFW)

Queens In The Zone…

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


NYC’s most rapidly expanding corridor, population wise, is along the run of the #7 train from Queens Boulevard to Roosevelt Avenue. The city is moving to allow the Zoning board to change the regulations along this corridor to ‘UP’ zone the area.

I don’t mind that at all since the corridor has adequate mass transportation and infrastructure options to move the people around. Waterworks and utility service upgrades are much easier along the corridor since Queens Boulevard is a major wide thoroughfare.

That development has to occur the minute the city moves to add more people to the area unlike the lagging infrastructure development in Corona. The city grows with the sufficient movement of water(clean and dirty) and people.