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Sign Of The Times…

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

There’s a little park on 10th Avenue that was a block away from Graphic Communications High School (called Printing by most, and Cybertron by anyone who knows) where Megatron used to gather us for pre-mission meetings. Its just past the tenements and the SRO (single room occupancy) flophouses. Hell’s Kitchen Park was referred to as ‘Sign Of The Times’ park because of the graffiti mural which covered the handball court walls.

The Clinton neighborhood was pretty ragged back then after going thru over a generation of heroin abusers and prostitution. Needles and crack vials littered the park as much as broken glass bottles. Those were the reminders of what happened there at night since during the daytime the park would be empty. Megatron’s meetings were the perfect way to spin 50-100 kids into an unstoppable tornado.

Whichever stop was next rest assured we would be charged up like brand new batteries after getting our rally calls. There were only a few cats who could inspire so many young boys into this controlled frenzy. We weren’t rushing from the park and knocking over apple carts or flash mobbing newsstands. We were on our way to something bigger and more important. That is what Megatron told us. And that is what we believed.

I always wonder what might have been had Megatron been given the opportunity to grow old like some of us? He was too charismatic to stay in one place tho’. Megatron would have been looking for something greater and grander that could feed his burgeoning family. Who knows what the future holds for any of us? I’m always thankful I had the chance to know Megatron. His street knowledge shaped NYC for me.

Batman: Odyssey = WTF?!?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I feel like I always have to post a disclaimer up when we are discussing some serious fanboy shit. Just so that no one reading this years after it was written thinks I have considered turning in my fanboy ID card.

Neal Adams for my money is the greatest comicbook artist of all time. John Byrne is a close second when it comes to penciling and inking his own shit, but that is why the edge goes to Adams because he doesn’t over-embellish his lines like Byrne does. Anyhoo…

I’ve been sleeping on this recent Neal Adams iteration of Batman titled Odyssey. It’s a funky little series which feels slightly derivative of Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns classic. The writing in the books has Batman doing a lot of nifty talking thru narration as he throttles crooks. Mainly tho’ this series has Batman being a totally bonkers sociopath.

I haven’t been able to figure out the series yet but I’m intrigued to see where Adams is going to take the characters. Batman’s relationship with Alfred as well as the Joker is completely turned on its head where we see batman getting into yelling matches with Alfred and later he is driving around Gotham with the Joker talking to him like a confidant.

Batman’s relationship with Robin and Lieutenant Gordon is also strained in this series which makes me wonder if that might have been the rule of thumb for this series; describe Batman as this pained individual who has more in common with the Joker than with the rest of humanity. As long as Adams stays on the pencils I will keep reading the book.


Monday, June 27th, 2011


I’ve been sweating these Air Trainer Dunks for a minute. Someone on the eBay system decided to sell theirs at a cut-rate price. I’m calling them my Megatron Max Trainers just in time for Transformers 3-D.

The shoes were listed at VNDS condition which in sneaker fiend parlnce is Very Near DeadStock. For those of you who have ever collected cards or comics the term ‘Near Mint’ applies.

megatron trainers
megatron trainers
megatron trainers

Trickle Down Is All But Dried Up…

Monday, June 27th, 2011

The U.S. economy is still stumbling along and the analysts are saying that it is because of slumping car sales!?! Like, duh, because there are NO jobs, and no one has any money to buy a car.

The U.S. economy will continue to shrink as long as the wealthiest top tier of Americans continue to receive all of the cash. The only thing that will be trickling down to the working class will be the urination from the penthouse airies.

Action Bronson – ‘Brunch’

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Action Bronson keep putting in work to secure votes for the rap rookie of the year award. The track is off Bronson’s ‘Dr.Lechter’ CD produced by Tommy Mas. ‘Dr.Lechter’ is the second best rap CD I have heard this year. Bronson is a manimal who I fux with [ll].


Visuals from Tom Gould and Alex Richter

Did you peep that boy’s Oakley #swag