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Friday, November 11th, 2011

Here’s a great article from Dave Zirin about the riots at Cal-Berkeley and Penn State and comparing the two.

Joe Paterno been should have been gone. He stopped being a great coach twenty years ago. Penn State has had winning seasons in that time but the coach isn’t creating a program which can compete on the elite Division-1 level of college football. Penn State is just Paterno’s paternal legacy and it was way past its prime.

What the hell are kids at Penn State rioting for? This old man protected one of the worst kinds of predators there are. A child molestor in the child sense, not young adults, but CHILDREN!?! People who go to Penn State are obviously dumbfux to riot because an old ass coach who been should’a sat his ass down now gets a paid retirement instead of handcuffs for aiding and abetting a serial rapist.

Never Trust A Big Butt And A Smile…

Monday, November 7th, 2011

BBD – ‘Poison’

Kim Kardashian has lifted the high watermark from the thigh to the waist with her marriage to divorce reality television show. Never before has a big butt been so profitable to a woman. Sure, there’s been other big butts in the game recently but Kim has shown that you can reach the heights of stardom with zero talent.

Who else comes to mind when you think of famous derrieres?

You have to laugh out loud when you think that BeYonce named her clothing company Dereon. That is some backwoods Texas ‘bama Black bullshit. Only Black people would think that Dereon is a fancy name. Unlike Kim K., BeYonce IS talented and works her ass off to boot.

Well, not her whole ass, but you know what I’m sayin’.

Jennifer Lopez isn’t as talented as BeYonce but then again she works even harder than BeYonce to get her paper up. Jel-Lo has already been married four or five times.

If she lives to be as old as Liz Taylor her marriage-divorce score will be at least a score.

Amber Rose has way less personal talent than BeYonce and J-Lo yet she still has more creative talent than Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose is a professional muse. She took KanYe West’s star and made it a supernova, then she took a middling mixtape rapper and made him mainstream. Where Kim K. takes other people’s swag from them Amber Rose gives away swag like an H & M gift bag.

We may never see Amber Rose getting wild paper from prostituting her image like Kim Kardashian because she doesn’t have those kind of managers surrounding her, but best believe it’s Amber Rose you want the kiss from. Baby, you’re a star.


Monday, September 12th, 2011


Too bad for this cop that he is prA’li fired now, but this is the kind of ‘community policing’ I can get behind [ll]

photo credit: Polaroid Plumber (NSFW)

Get Ready For Combat…

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Another classic Combat Jack Show is in the books and uploaded early by A King. The show’s featured guest is none other than our good friend Alvin Blanco who chronicled that definitive Wu-tang history.

The show takes an unexpected and hilarious turn when Mr.Mecc falls thru with a pr0n goddess named Aryana Starr. My favorite quote from her was about her determination to be successful in the adult industry by continuously “putting out”. Uhh, chyeah?!?

Every Wednesday from 10pm-12midnite you better be ready for Combat.

The Combat Jack Show (Alvin Blanco, Aryana Starr, Mr. Mecc) 8-10-11 by PNCRadio

Mugshot Hairstyle Models…

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Rodney King is still making mugshots after twenty years of infamy and notoriety. Salute this man for his determined hardbody consistency.

Okay, not really.


Roger Clemens can reclaim his mugshot photos from the U.S. Marshal’s office after his perjury case was ruled a mistrial by the presiding judge.

“Filthy, but not guilty.”