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Chris Brown >>> Justin Bieber…

Sunday, September 29th, 2013


Artie Lange invited Combat Jack back to his show and Combat Jack invited me to ride shotgun.

Artie Lange is the ultimate shittalker and we get to sit around and cuss and make fun of whoever we want. The Artie Lange Show is my small taste of white privilege and it feels hella good.

Topics covered on this visit are whether Jay-Z will help Robinson Cano get $300 from an MLB team, and who is a bigger d-bag, Chris Brown or Justin Bieber. The former Duke Blue Devil Alaa Abdelnaby sits in on the fun.

A Letter From The Management…

Saturday, September 28th, 2013


Thanks to the Internets for all of your birthday wellwishes. I had an awesome day on tour thru New York City. Chocolate Snowflake documented dP’s New Years Day on her Instagram page. If a picture is worth a thousand words then this is an 9,000 word drop. LMAO

Enjoy the images of a spicy shrimp homecooked brunch. Cream puffs on new Brooklyn’s Franklin Avenue. Polo Mansion pics and the lobsterpocalypse that went down when we got back home.

Art Becomes Reality Becomes Art…

Sunday, September 15th, 2013


This pic of Kanye reminded me how much I enjoyed the Yeezus album this summer. I wonder if dude ever peeped the vids I made for his songs? As if Ye’ Tudda might would give a fux? But I just love how the world we live in reflects itself at any given moment.

dP Fanboy videos for the mother loving win.

KanYe West: On Sight from dallas penn on Vimeo.

Go See Pacific Rim AGAIN!

Sunday, August 4th, 2013


After the summer blockbuster dust has settled on 2013 I will prA’Li have seen Pacific Rim five (5) times. Yeah, it’s that good. Pacific Rim is proof that manga features can be converted to live actor vehicles. The process usually works the other way around. Live action gets converted into a cartoon and then becomes ridiculousness.

Pacific Rim is an orgy of fanboy goodness. Transformers. Macross. Godzilla. Explosions aplenty and mecha technology like you’ve never experienced before. Pacific Rim is your advanced instant fanboy pass. Now get back to the the air conditioned multiplex and pick up another ticket to see Pac Rim. Sneak into The Wolverine afterwards.


Respect The Architects…

Monday, July 29th, 2013


Outfit Architecture isn’t just about putting your clothes together with footwear and accessories. It’s about understanding your relationship as to how you represent yourself to others. Strangers and like minds alike.

One of my National Football League heroes was named Ernie Barnes (RIP). As an offensive lineman he protected Jack Kemp while he was a quarterback for the San Diego Chargers.


As a fine artist he was the author for some of the most enduring and expressive paintings I have ever seen.

You must have surely seen his painting ‘Sugar Shack’ which was used os a cover for a Marvin Gaye album as well as part of the set for the television show ‘Good Times’.


Even tho’ I wasn’t in that portrait I feel in my soul that I know the place Barnes was describing. I can smell the hot-buttered soul sweat steaming up that juke joint. I’ve done those dances before in my life. Ernie Barnes got soul.

And I got sole. I copped this Ernie Barnes throwback jersey to rock with my Air Jordan powder blue North Carolina 2012s.



The irony is that because UNC was segregated at the time Ernie Barnes was an All-American high school athlete he couldn’t attend the school. Barnes ended up on full scholarship at the HBCU North Carolina Central.

Respect the architects always my Internets. Whether you realize it or not we do this life thanks to them.