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Friday, February 24th, 2006

miss jay z

Can you imagine the fierce cat fight that occurred backstage at the House of Dereon stripper wear showcase when MISS JAY and JAY-Z arrived sporting a similiar casual set up?!?

Mr.CARTER will tell you that he’s a writer and not a biter and he had the name JAY first. You better work SEAN.

KEISTAR Productions Presents FLAVORS

Friday, February 24th, 2006


Saturday February 25, 2006

KeiStar Productions Presents

*In Honor Of Black History Month*
Recapping The Hottest Joints of The 90’s
*1990-1999 The Golden Years*

Music By DJ SPINNA & Special Guest RICH MEDINA

@ Pepper’s Lounge – 95 Leonard Street
(btwn Church Street & Broadway – 4 blocks south of Canal Street – NYC)

Recapping the 90’s > R.I.P. J-DILLA!
*A Tribe Called Quest * Aaliyah * AZ * Big L * Black Moon * Brand New Heavies * Black Sheep * Boot Camp Click * Brand Nubian*Buju Banton * Busta * Common * Craig Mack * Crystal Waters * Dee-Lite * De La Soul * Dr Dre * En Vogue * Faith Evans * Fugees * Gangstar * Garnett Silk * Heavy D * Horace Brown * Ice Cube * Intro * Jay Z * Keith Murray * Kool G Rap * Leaders Of The New School * LL Cool J * Mary J Blige * MC Lyte * Mobb Deep * M.O.P. * Nas*Naughty By Nature * Notorious B.I.G. * Pete Rock & CL Smooth * Queen Latifah * Redman * Shaba Ranks * Soul For Real*Sounds Of Blackness * SWV * The Roots * TLC * Total * Tupac * Ultra Nate * Wu Tang * X-Clan & more…

Doors 10PM-4AM – Admission $10 w-RSVP or above flyer printout
Aquarians & Pisces FREE Before Midnight


BIG CY Article from F.E.D.S. Magazine

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

big cy



Y’all should thank ESKAY and KAMOJI for staying on my azz(no brokeback) to get this piece out to the people. I wasn’t happy with the writing in the article because I felt like it didn’t do CYCLONUS proper justice. Dude is verbose if not eloquent and there shouldn’t be anything wrong with people knowing big words and how to use them in their proper context.

The article still has a lot of real talk and I am going to use it to segue into a long piece that is dropping this weekend. In the meantime and in between time enjoy the article with the understanding that my brothers are not, nor ever were they a gang. We were a citywide family of young people that respected and loved each other and we were determined to defend one another against an entire city if need be.

Somewhere inside our youthful exuberance the immature and irresponible side of youth took hold of us. I don’t defend or excuse the wrong that we may have exacted upon our city, but I think that we have all paid our price. Some have paid the ultimate price. May GOD bless their souls.

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hail Meg!


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

I want my MTV

The truth of the matter is that I never wanted my M.T.V. I never had any use for them growing up in NYC. There was sufficient programming that featured people of color and pop music all in one place. There was a program called ‘Hot Tracks’ that played Hip-Hop music videos as well as 80’s pop tunes by PRINCE, SHEENA EASTON, M.J. and all the usual suspects.

Then there was RALPH McDANIEL’s ‘Video Music Box’ which might be the singular most important program for the Hip-Hop generation. V.M.B. was recorded on BetaMax then on VHS format tapes and the copies were passed around school and shipped out of state. V.M.B. tapes could be found along the early 80’s cocaine corridor that ran along the east coast. It was crack when crack was REALLY crack and not just rap. That’s not to say that V.M.B. was bad because it wasn’t bad at all. It was the most progressive programming on television. The show was produced by RALPH McDANIELS and LIONEL ‘VID KID’ MARTIN, both were college educated and true school Hip-Hop heads. The show was so sick because there was no where else you could see a video from JAZZY JEFF and FRESH PRINCE followed by a video from DEVO or BLONDIE. V.M.B. was the ONLY show giving P.E., POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS or X-CLAN any shine.

Back in the day those acts were even too Black for Black Entertainment Television. Video Music Box was an underground social phenomenon that the T.I.’s tried to obfuscate with the creation of that pay per play video channel called ‘The Box’. V.M.B. was broadcast from WNYC-TV which had been the only network owned by a municipality until then NYC Mayor RUDOLPH GIULIANI sold the station to Dow Jones & Company. I believe that V.M.B. is still on the air some 22 years after it first debuted in 1984. I respect the architects.

crazy sam

Fast forward to the present: ViaCom is the top dog of cultural hustlers on the planet today. They use their multiple platforms to program adults, and more importantly, the youth into what the cultural norms for the future shall be. Hip-Hop music is one of their key tools. It is loved by working class kids from the center city all the way into the middle class enclaves in the suburbs and the exurbs. This is where ViaCom penetrates the deepest because there isn’t the presence of the ‘other’ to refute the images presented on the television screen.

Their cultural programming is just as effective in the center city because there is visual access to markers of wealth and opulence. The sight of a Bentley sportscar outside of a television set confirms its existence within the world described on television.

I thought that I would be upset with the network chiefs at ViaCom for allowing the program called ‘The Shop’ to air on M.T.V. instead of the sister station B.E.T. but after previewing trailers from the program I realize that the target demographic for this program are the kids in the suburbs and the exurbs. This program is supposed to be their indoctrination into the actual lives of people from the center city. I thought of this program as some sort of corporate media attempt at Black People 101.

What are the jigs saying? What are the jigs wearing? Why does that woman have a child and not a husband?!? Everything I wanted to know about Negroes but I was afraid to ask them because I was afraid. M.T.V. has struck suburban gold platinum again and I suspect that I will be seeing kids at the mall this spring with aluminum foil covering their teeth. I blame SUMNER REDSTONE.

Do you think DICK CHENEY is going quail hunting anytime soon? I wonder if I could get SUMNER an invite.

model minority on the hook up


Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

matthew henson

I suppose I owe an apology to the readers that were offended when I said the the 2006 Winter Olympic Games Didn’t Care About Black People. It turns out that a few jigs were actually in Italy to play in the games and not just carry the athletes’ bags.



GAYROME skates for the Canadian ice hockey team.

gayrome scoring



SHANIECE won a gold medal for speed skating.

shaniece skating

Both athletes developed their love of skating from their admiration of the great French figure skater, SURYA BONALY.


SURYA BONALY had won many European championships but never an Olympic medal. One year SURYA was disqualified at the Olympics because she did a backflip in her long program

surya flipping out

How fucked up was that?!? Just because none of the priv athletes can do a backflip shouldn’t make that move illegal. SURYA was undaunted by that decision and she continues to do backflips during her international touring performances.

surya still flipping