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Thursday, January 25th, 2007


It’s your boy 40 DIESEL’s Born Day party this Friday @ BED nightclub. So when you see a lightskin brother that is six foot seven inches tall, tell him that you are down with DP dot com. He’ll dig that.

BED nightclub
530 West 27th Street
btwn 10th and 11th Aves
doors open 10pm


DP’s Blog From Sundance, Not That You Even Care…

Thursday, January 25th, 2007


The good times on other people’s dimes doesn’t stop for me and the Rafinator. One of the keys to doing your thing at Sundance is believing that you belong here.

“I wear my sunglasses at night.”

I’ve always masked my inferiority complex with a superiority complex. That’s what makes me fit in perfectly with these shallow Hollywood types. That and the fact that I made my own press credential at home. I can’t be stopped.

RAFI has been putting in work himself. He spotted HAMMER and NELSON GEORGE and set up the interviews. Neither of us has been bullshitting over here and I think our dedication to our grizzly is starting to ring bells.

When I come back to the eastside I will have a gang of rap for y’all. I learned a lot of shit by talking to other filmmakers and content creators that came through Sundance. The biggest lesson I take from here is one that I already knew. I might be here in Park City, Utah but I didn’t get here by myself. It wasn’t even the cats that paid for my hotel, plane and per diem that put me in this town. It was you right there on the other side of the monitor.

Since before we had the website up and running and we were doing e-mail blasts about all the same bullshit you were right there. TAM, I see you out there. BILLY, NADIRA, DUANE, ALI, MIKE, ARG… Too many of y’all to name. Y’all sent me here. Y’all made me an ‘Internets Celebrity’.

Episode Three is on the web. We call it ‘Celeb Status’. Me and RAFI get at the local Park City residents and try to find out what the Sundance festival means to them. check it out.


Thursday, January 25th, 2007


I will assume that all of you people that selected DJ DRAMA as one of your artists in the cRap Music Fantasy League are excited about the points you earned with his arrest and indictment on Federal racketeering charges. From the gate, the case smelled like week old vomit sitting on a New Orleans sidewalk. The more I learn about DJ DRAMA’s operation the more I see the classic set up.

DRAMA and the record industry were getting high together and selling dope together as partners. I say that metaphorically although I’m sure that someone in the record industry was sniffing coke. Those people do that a lot. The record industry was giving DJ DRAMA the music that he put on his mixtape CD’s. The record industry needed DRAMA because of his strong influence and connection to the southern markets for urban music. Although CD sales for the entire industry are flagging no matter what genre, DRAMA and the Aphiliates were operating a thriving business. This is incredible news since the CD format and the current record industry model are broken beyond repair.

CD’s now are the equivalent of cassette tapes back in 1987. In five more years the format will be totally obsolete. The recording industry has failed to accept and cultivate a new model that the public seeks and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Products like DJ DRAMA’s CD mixtapes were the industry’s last gasp for life. They provided the consumer the best possible product within the CD format. They also served as a platform for the emergence of new artists. Without the mixtape market how would FISTY SCENT have created the demand for his major label release album? Mixtapes had become the new A & R system for the music industry and that alone was making money for labels because it was saving them the expense of grooming these artists with the traditional A & R protocol.

But all of that wasn’t enough to save DJ DRAMA from the public humiliation and the soon to follow legal costs that he will be saddled with. DJ DRAMA got into the bed with a snake and there really couldn’t be any other outcome. Let’s see what happens when the mainstream media starts kicking in the doors of bloggers because we have a better model for disseminating information to their communities.


Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

g dubbz fly guy

Mostly stuff.

Playing around here in Sundance has disconnected me from the real world somewhat. I missed the president’s State of the Union speech the other evening. The gist I am getting from all the newsreels is that the president is saying the fiasco in Iraq can only get better if we suspend our knowledge of the truth and go further into the wormhole.

This solution isn’t just blatant disrespect and unacknowledgment for those that have paid the ultimate price, but it smacks everyone else in the face that has said this isn’t what we want for our brothers, sisters and fellow Americans. It makes me wonder why we still waste our time using the terms ‘Democrat’ and ‘Republican’ when talking about the politicians that work on the Beltway. The midterm elections and the resignation of DONALD RUMSFELD are valueless if we are to spend another year in the godforsaken desert.

HILLARY and BARACK and JOHN McCAIN are part of the problem at this point. Could pretty boy JOHN EDWARDS be the answer to two terms of a corrupt and deceitful administration? Where’s Dr. LENORA FULANI when you need her?

YOUTUBE Postcards From The Land Of Silicone…

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

tig ol bitties

The dudes that put us up in Sundance are posting our vids on YouTube as well as Revver dot com. We are taping scenes constantly and the editor and director have been working non-stop to cut footage and deliver it to the Daily Reel.

In the meantime and in between time, peep your friends, The Internets Celebrites in our latest clip titled ‘SWAG = FREE SHIT!

Pass the clips around to your cipher and stay tuned for more drops from the mountains of Park City, Utah.