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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


The Rebels have returned to New York City!

Tomorrow nite L.E.S. will be on FIYAAAAAAH!

Come out and catch the Rebels along with SMYRK and DJ CX KIDTRONIK from DEUCE GANGSTA

@ The Delancey
168 Delancey Street

Doors crack 8pm
Film starts 9pm
Bands tear shit up after the film…

See you in the building…




Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


I’m going to the NIKE Design Studio on Friday, April 6th. Who’s down to roll with the kid?

ERNIE, you can come too but you have to behave.


Wednesday, March 28th, 2007


A year or so ago my homey from L.A. the TechWhore sent me an album that I was sure would change the sound of Hip-Hop. The title was called ‘Niggaz and White Girls’ and it was produced by Bay Area rappers Kirby Dominant and Chris Sinister. They essentially sampled all of the best new wave tunes from the early to mid 1980’s and added their Cali sensibilities to the rhyme flow. I thought that it was a breath of fresh air from all of the homoerotic gangterism that was populating the genre. It’s a fun album and there are several skits that play around with the inappropriate title of the disk. At the end of the day it’s just good Hip-Hop music.

I’ve been meaning to expose y’all to some of these tracks since I enjoyed the album so much. There’s a little bit of profanity here and there so put on the headphones if you are in the cube at the 9-2-5. Otherwise pump up the volume and enjoy the BARACK OBAMA meets HILLARY CLINTON mash up, or as I like to call it – O.J. and NICOLE BROWN in rap music form.

niggaz n white girlz

‘Don’t You(Take All My Money)’

‘What’s The Big Deal?’ (skit)

‘Girl, I’m Just Human’

‘Hold My Hand’ (skit)


‘Fuck You And White Bitches!’ (skit)


‘When The World Is Running Down’

Pumping Up Some Middle East Diplomacy…

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007


I told you folks before that it was going down like a James Brown rent party…

U.S. warships are posting up along the coast of Iran and waiting for G DUBBZ to hollar back. What’s really at stake will be how the Middle East receives essential energy like electricity, heat and water. If the U.S. makes their push now and wrangles control of the region Halliburton will be the most important corporation for the next fifty years.

No wonder Halliburton moved it’s corporate headquarters to Dubai. Them niggas want to stay on top of their money on the daily basis, right at the source. It’s not only oil that’s important but the future energy sources that oil makes possible. If the U.S. let’s Iran become energy independent then how will we control smaller states like Syria and Jordan? Fuck that! Everyone has to buy from us. We are the hardbody bully on the block. Although we can’t just come out and say that since the rest of the world is already jealous of our supreme clientele. Instead we should say something slick like the conservative Muslim government in Iran is supporting terrorism.

Ha! They shootin’. Made you look.

By the way things are shaping up we may have our foot up that Iranian arse before July 4th. My opinion is eff ’em. If shitting on Iran gives me cheaper gas prices then who am I to get in the way of this imperialist manifest destiny? Rock on with your bad self G DUBBZ.


Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

charles hall

Most people have enough sense to read news headlines from any place other than here, but for those of you foolish enough to think that I have any common sense left in my brain, here is my favorite newsreel story from the weekend…

BARRINGTON IRVING, a 23yr old aerospace student from Jamaica is preparing to circumnavigate the globe in a single engine plane that he built from donated parts.

To be young, gifted and Black. I can just imagine the young Mr.IRVING rummaging through the Trenchtown junkyards, cobbling his plane together from discarded BMW parts and empty soup cans.

This young man’s spirit and determination reminds me of one of the greatest stories in jig folklore. The story of the Old Negro Space Program. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, but it’s funny and true, so watch it again.