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The SEAN BELL Fallout Begins…

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


Party people, get your game tight because it is about to be Hell Night every night when the law enforcement steps to you until these cops that murdered SEAN BELL are acquitted. If you ain’t got your I.D. in your pocket don’t leave your house. You will have to pay a visit to the state funded short stay a/k/a the ‘Tombs’.

It sucks to be the brother in that top picture. The police at Penn Station shut him down for drinking unauthorized malt liquor. Penn Station is one of the few places in the city that you can consume alcohol from an open container. That shit better be Coor’s Light or Budweiser though.


Too bad ol’ boy was fucking with a tall keg can of that Billy Dee. He prah’lee just got off his warehouse gig and he was on his way to his home in some Bronx housing project. The police can sniff you out if you aren’t taking the commuter rail. They swooped down on cousin and made him place his beer on the ground. Excuse me, his malted liquor.


It’s easy to say some simple shit right now, but the truth is that if homeboy hadn’t been fucking with that Colt 45 he wouldn’t be standing there about to get has ass cuffed and if SEAN BELL would have just stayed in his housing project the evening before he was to get married then maybe the police wouldn’t have had to shoot him fifty times. With those cops drinking and having manhood issues along with fully loaded automatic pistols there wasn’t going to be a typical stripclub happy ending on that evening. The ejaculate was steaming hot lead.

As a Black History Month reminder to all of the African American males that peruse this site… Next time just have yourself a Dr.Pepper and call it a night.


Drugs Are Bad…

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

drugs are bad

Repeat that headline with me using the Mr. Mackey from South Park voice.

I was invited to an obama last Friday, but I declined for the Roots show at the Apollo. An obama on a Friday nite is something more rare than a lunar eclipse. And way more fun.

total eclipse

The obama was being sponsored by Stolichnaya vodka. I remember being at some party that Stoli was throwing to introduce their flavored vodkas. That was when my homegirl JoJo McQueen put me on to the Stoli Vanilla. After about a half dozen rounds of the Stoli V and tonic I looked to try another flavor. My ass was already a little tipsy when I saw this pinkish orange label.


Dayum! Stoli Ovary!? Them folks in Russia gets they freak on for real. I did kind of wonder what that tasted like though. Until I saw this bottle…


Stoli Dingleberi?!?

[ll], or no como Louganis, in long form.

I haven’t effed with Stoli since. When my money gets right I fucks with teh Belvedere (or Chopin). And when my folks at ThinkTank Marketing hit the kid off with a top-shelf obama I gets in where I fits in. Leave that flavored shit to the amateurs that go to Times Square for the New Years’ Eve.

The Definitive Black Superhero Canon

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

brown hornet

Poisonous Paragraphs widely respected writer DART ADAMS has geeked out in a great way for Black History Month. Check out…

Dart Adams presents Black Like Me: The History Of Black Comic Book Heroes Through The Ages Part One 1900-1968


Dart Adams presents Black Like Me: The History Of Black Comic Book Heroes Through The Ages Part Two 1969-2008

DART clarifies some of my questions about Black folks appearances in comicbooks. Most people forget the socialization aspect of comics. Today’s younger generation doesn’t favor the books as much due to the proliferation of image-based media from video games to animation. DART did a yeoman’s job on this series. Go give him his props.

The Roots Went Hollywood…

Sunday, February 24th, 2008


I hope the OkayPlayers don’t get their hemp boxers all up in a bunch. I still fucks with the Roots on the regulack, and I will definitely be at their next NYC performance.

Friday night I organized a small junket of DP Dot Com heads to go in to see the Roots perform at the Apollo Theatre. I’ve seen them at the Apollo previously for a Black August benefit a few years back(ROSARIO DAWSON nearly kissed me – true story). As a matter of fact, I may have seen the Roots perform live as much as I have seen GEORGE CLINTON and all of his P-Funk incarnations. The number is alot. However, the fellas in my group hadn’t seen them at all, or in a looooong time.

40 40 Dawg
40 went to Temple U. and he remembers when the illaDelphonics were prah’lee called the Acknickulauts since they were the house band for 3xDope. All this to say that Diesel goes way back with the Roots although I don’t think 40 has seen them perform live since he was in college.

VEe VEe from Scritch & Scratch
This was VEe’s virgin Roots show. Check his link above to take a look at the artwork he is creating to herald the proposed Wu Tang vs. Shaolin project this summer.

p P-City a/k/a Master P
P also popped his Roots cherry at this concert. Y’all may not remember this but P produced the first two DP Dot Com videos. This joint where G DUBBZ tells the victims of Hurricane Starrkeysha to shake their ass and show him what they are working with is a classic.

I was hoping that the Roots would do their typical guest-filled marathon. The Roots have trademarked themselves as the most incredible Hip-Hop experience on stage and for the last fifteen years I haven’t seen anyone top their best. Not Public Enemy, nor the Wu. Friday night’s show was all about the Roots though. It wasn’t a BlackStarr reunion or an OkayPlayer jam session. It was just the Roots and that alone is worth the price of my ticket.

But what the fuck is up with an 83 minute set? Am I wrong to expect the Roots to perform for at least two hours? How about at least 90 minutes? I needed one more song to show my friends that these dudes were indeed the truth. In reality Black Thought had already sewn that shit up for them. You need to recognize this man as the greatest emcee alive. Black Thought is a beast of a rapper, but even bigger than that he is an M.C. Microphone Controller.

All of the Roots are master musicians in their own right, but Black Thought exceeds even ?uestLove because he is using the oldest musical instrument known to man. The human voice. Black Thought stretches his trachea, larynx and lips past the tipping point. His lyric spacing moves from single shot punchlines up to semi-automatic semantics. Sunn is straight ill-MATIC in a full metal ski jacket.


Don’t Say Nuthin’


If you haven’t yet seen the Roots perform live then you are missing one hell of a band throw down and clearly one of, if not the greatest emcee to hold a microphone.

Even when their set is only 83 minutes.

A Word From Our Sponsor…

Sunday, February 24th, 2008



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