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Back In The Basement…

Monday, July 28th, 2008

back to the future

When I first started coming on, er, to, yeah, to the internets it was for all things pr0n related. Natch. I didn’t fuck with the blogs too tough since I didn’t think I would be interested in reading about the lifestyle or the opinions of people who sat in their parent’s basements.

Fast forward ten years into the future, which would be the present right now, which is technically the past since it happened a few seconds ago and here I find myself talking to you from… My parent’s basement. What an ironic turn of fortune my life has been.

If we were having this very conversation twenty years prior it would have been about me leaving my folks on a sour note to strike out into the world on my own. The adult world is tougher and even more ruthless than I could have imagined. I have survived here with my guile, wit and charm. And even then, sometimes only by the skin of my teeth.

But now I am home again. Wherever my mother is will always be my home. Peace to all my fam that is without their old Earths. I will be that dude one day myself. Until then I shall remain the Black Peter Pan, sans tights and fairy booties. Forever 14yrs old for those of you that have forgotten the feeling. Reading my comics, keeping my sneakers in their original boxes, still loving the girls, but scared to touch them because that is how they gets pregnants and the what not.

Let’s have fun this week and reminisce on when we lived with our parents and they paid the phone bill…

The above pictured vehicle is a motorcycle/car hybrid from BMW. The Clever concept car will be powered by compressed natural gas and reduce our dependence of fossil fuel energy as well as reducing our carbon dioxide emissions.

Comic Con in San Diego is the largest comic book and fanzine related gathering on the planet. In the last five years or so that Hollywood has increased the output of superhero and comic book related blockbuster movies Comic Con has become a more important screening venue than Sundance or the Tribeca Film Festival. Some O.G. fans of Comic Con are feeling a kind of way now that superheroes have gone mainstream.

If you still haven’t seen the “Dark Knight’ film. Please kill yourself. Now.

The following video is of an internets celebrity who is my hero. Go Buckeyes.


Monday, July 28th, 2008

av bro

Editor’s note: AverageBro takes a look into the latest LCD (lowest common denominator) trend.

I don’t get out much, so I prA’li missed the memo on these NOBITCHASSNESS shirts. But in the past week alone I have seen these shirts worn by:

  • A preteen standing at the bus stop.
  • A mother walking her three kids in the park.
  • A dude congregating in the parking lot of my church. I’m not sure whether he went in or not. I’m kinda hoping he did.
  • I’m assuming this is Diddy’s new line of shirts, right? Seriously, are you telling me dude has gone from those silly, but sorta substantive VOTE OR DIE! shirts to this kinda drivel in just four years?

    Seriously, is this what’s hot on the streets right now? Where’s the sense of common decency? I’m assuming this shirt doesn’t proclaim your inner BITCHASSNESS, but rather your lack thereof. Still, what’s the sense in making a public announcement of such a gesture? Aren’t there more worthy topics to trumpet to the world? If you’re proud enough about something to wear it on a t-shirt, shouldn’t it actually be something worth being proud of?

    I’ve got some ideas of my own. Peep these designs!

    av bro

    av bro

    av bro

    av bro

    av bro

    Do better, Diddy. Or whatever you’re calling yourself this month. MLK is cryin’ inside.


    Monday, July 28th, 2008

    dunk 6.0

    I need to know of a NIKE 6.0 Skateboarding connect in the ‘A’.

    Anybody have some suggestions?

    I really, really need these jawnts in my stash.

    Respect These Neggars…

    Sunday, July 27th, 2008


    Do y’all fools notice that everytime the federalies go crazy and arrest immigrants we get a touch of the cooties in our food supply?

    There may not be any respect for the plowmen in precincts like Washington D.C., but I fully respect the folks that put their hands on my food. Agriculture is backbreaking work, especially in this hot ass heat.

    That’s why I will not say a gotdamn thing sideways about a Mexican until at least the autumn harvest.

    NYC Subway Bio-Terror Alert…

    Sunday, July 27th, 2008


    I’ll be the first person to rail against profiling when it comes to accusing people of terrorist behavior, but the police need to tape Hindurabic peoples arms to their waists when these fools come on the subway after a full day of work.

    This nigger had the rice-picking-nerve to have BOTH of his arms raised. Imagine coming from the hot ass humidity of a subway platform into downwind range of this dude…