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POLITRICKS 2008: The Great Debaters…

Saturday, September 27th, 2008


Even though I am down here in Barbados I am still a junkie for politricks so before C.S. and I hit the town on last night for the famous Friday night fish fry in Oistins we watched the presidential nominees debate. I called JOHN McCAIN the winner just on the fact that he kept repeating his mantra that BARACK OBAAMA wasn’t experienced enough to be commander in chief. BARACK also lost points for NOT jabbing McCAIN when he was obviously weak.

McCAIN also provided more theater than OBAAMA did which is the key to winning these types of debates. Real facts are the last thing that you want to use in this forum. Sketchy lies and innuendo are supreme and JOHN McCAIN has mastered at least that much for his career. The fact that OBAAMA still hasn’t addressed McCAIN’s censure for the Keating 5 scandal, especially during the current fiscal crisis in Washington says to me that the Democratic party still isn’t ready to get back into the White House.

Do you think that OBAAMA could have that mark on his record without the Republican press machine reminding the American voter about it on some ‘swift boat’ type shit? Step your game up Dems or shut the eff up and sit the eff down. SARAH SILVERMAN also has some advice…


Thursday, September 25th, 2008


ATL get in where you fit in.


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POLITRICKS 2008: Mr. Crazy Goes To Washington…

Thursday, September 25th, 2008


JOHN McCAIN gets a whiff of his own horseshit.

The 2008 presidential campaign turns on a faux CAPRA-esque twist when JOHN McCAIN claims to have suspended his campaign to return to Washington to fix the economic crisis.

Does this mean he is putting up all of his homes and his fleet of automobiles to add to the welfare package that Wall Street is receiving? Ha. McCAIN’s machine might be short on moola methinks.

What the fuck is JOHN McCAIN going to do in Washington? This meatball isn’t on the banking, finance or ethics committees that are overseeing the corporate welfare package. He’s gonna have to watch this shit on C-Span like the rest of us. Those of us that are watching this shit. My ass is going back to the beach to get a tan. Anyone who remembers the Keating Five already remembers JOHN McCAIN from making our economy fucked the fuck up back in 1989’s savings and loan scandal. JOHN McCAIN is only into bankrupting economies.

More than likely it is because the handlers of the Republican ticket realize that their team will be eaten alive in the debates like fresh meat. So this tactic for stalling isn’t just designed to delay McCAIN’s debate, but really to delay SARAH PALIN’s time at the podium. Let’s face it, the Republican ticket as presented is about as piss poor on public policy as you could get in modern day politricks. One of the nominees can’t remember the date while the other is firmly confident that it is still 1808.

The OBAAMA campaign should carry on with the debate. Show up. Fuck it. Even though it’s in Mississippi the chances of BARACK being lynched publicly are actually pretty slim.

Back Pack Rap Attack…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

duck down

It’s never a good time to leave NYC. There is a party tonight for the launch of NBA 2K9. Open bar and free food. There is some other industry shit on Wednesday night with more free drinks and Thursday night in NYC is the new Saturday night with free drinks and free food in several spots.

NYC is straight banana bread during the week, but on the weekend it becomes the city that never sleeps. This Friday there is some historic shit popping off at the Knitting Factory. Boot Camp Clik will be riding in hard with live performance by the Cocoa B’z and Black Moon. A live band will be backing them up as they perform the classic Hip-Hop albums ‘Da Shinin’ and ‘Enter Da’ Stage’.

‘Enter Da’ Stage’ is such an important record in Hip-Hop history and the Duck Down BCC movement is finally being recognized as one of rap music’s greatest collectives, if not the greatest. Look at their consistent track record and their longevity. BCC just keeps grinding through the underground. Heltah Skeltah’s Sean Price has become the most prominent face of the movement in the last few years but who can deny Smif and Wessun and their impact on rap culture. Boot Camp is Brooklyn to the bone and they represent for the neighborhoods that gentrification still won’t fucks with. Brownsville, Ocean Hill, East New York, Pitkin, Sutter, DuMont, Saratoga, Rockaway, Ralph Ave. Hail Meg!

It sucks that I am going to Barbados for a week today. It doesn’t suck like that, but damn, this will be such a legendary performance that I hate the idea of missing it just because me and my chick caught this sick deal in February. The end of the hurricane season and right before the prime season jumps off is when you can got to the Caribbean for next to nothing. So while I’m chilling on a white sand beach Buckshot Shorty will be ripping down ‘Buck ‘Em Down’ with a live bass player on his side.

I hope some of you hermits come up from your mom’s basements. Don’t be scared. There will be hell’a white hanging out with you. This won’t be like a show at the old NYC nightclub called the Muse back in 1992. You won’t have to tuck in your jewelry or keep a razor blade inside of your cheek. If you are fresh like me you will make sure you represent like it was 1992 though. Put some of your ‘Lo lifestyle wears on and even rock a Jansport of a NorthFace backpack. The underground Hip-Hop will never die. Beats and rhymes never get old.

Someone drop me a line and tell me how ill the show was.

BTW, are y’all hype for Da Incredible Rap Team?

Everything is still Heltah Skeltah.

dirty jerz

The Trillion Dollar Welfare System…

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

food stamps

I grew up far from being wealthy. I remember shit like waiting in line for the powdered milk and cheese brick that my mom would copp from the church. My dad hated for her to get that shit but the truth was that we needed a little help when he was the only one working and my mom was finishing up her B.A. requirements. We had food stamps and a supermarket on Northern Blvd. that allowed me to use them to buy shit like bread, milk and butter.

My dad and my mother worked their natural Black asses off to put the family in a position where we no longer needed food stamps. I imagine that to be the purpose of a national welfare system. People require essential provisions to survive. As long as folks are working in a direction that will remove them from the assistance dole they should get some help. I’m surprised now (but not really) that I don’t hear any chatter from all the welfare reform politricksters about how the banking system bailout is nothing more than a trillion dollar welfare system.

I couldn’t use food stamps to pay for a fancy meal at Cipriani’s or the Russian Tea Room, so why are we allowing the banking system a do-over after they spent their money on boutique financial ponzi schemes? With no oversight or regulation there was bound to be egregious theft. We ARE capitalists aren’t we? Well, actually, they are capitalists, we, meaning the folks reading this blog are the capitalized.

Truth be told I don’t know a hotdamn thing about macroeconomics, but I thought the whole point of capitalism was always big fish eats little fish.


So now that the big fishes like AIG, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers have bitten off more than they can chew should we be saving them?


I think I mentioned this term in a previous drop. I’m not recalling socialism and certainly not communism, but the idea is that the term “free market” is a misnomer that we can no longer afford to misunderstand. The market has to be monitored on some serious shit. We can’t permit entities to become so large that when they have a coronary from poor management they clot up our entire economic system.

AIG’s $13B losses in the first half of 2008 opened the floodgates for their welfare package of $85B. This is a relatively small amount considering there are corporations that have even greater global holdings that have yet to submit their ledgers from this fiscal year. Can you imagine what the amount might be to prop up a mega multi-national monolith like General Electric?

Sheeeeeeeit, cancel Christmas for the next 10 generations.

I still don’t understand how we can prevent the banking industrial complex from creating that next new vehicle to defraud poor folks from their money. How retarded on some diabolical genius shit is the concept of money anyhoo? I guess its time to get that chip put into my forehead. I don’t even give a fuck anymore. Just as long as I can get myself a package of pre-sweetened Kool-Aid and a couple of cans of sardines.