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The Reward For Hard Work Is Timeless…

Monday, June 24th, 2013

SuperBad MC Solace isn’t just one half of the get wreck crew Timeless Truth. He’s a complex individual. Solace has always been as cerebral as he is lyrical and he doesn’t make hasty moves with his music, or his life.

Peep the young lord talking about his dayjob work with Translation, yeah, Steve Stoute’s Translation and then his passion for his poetry as part of Timeless Truth. What a life this man lives. Solace is definitely an acolyte of the church of hard work rewards more work. Keep your eye on him internets.

Translation Presents Joel Rodriguez from Translation on Vimeo.

Poppin’ Tiddaggs…

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

I went on a d8 with Chocolate Snowflake and I decided to popp some tags just to show my appreciation for her putting up with my Polo obsession.

The knit was dope, but she was loving the silk scarf more than anything else. She called me the Parisian Polo Scout.


C.S. always makes me smile and I aim to do the same to her.

Outfit Architecture…

Friday, June 21st, 2013


I’m about to hop on this yacht right quick so I’m putting together a nice lil’ ‘Fit to describe my Lifestyle.

Y’all know how we do this Outfit Architecture shit

Simple, clean and crisp summer colors for the motherfucking win.


Macy*s clearance sale on the rugby ($32) and the shorts ($18)

Cross flags swag since 1987



Tim boat mocs with Tim boat socks. Respect my steez

Silked the fux out like a nigga don’t give one single fux



P.R.L. nautical themes forever shit on Nautica

Yeezus Is The Christ Of Soul Music…

Friday, June 21st, 2013


By now you have listened to the new KanYe West album. If you haven’t I really don’t want to talk to you on this drop so please don’t leave me a comment. As it is I don’t think I can talk about this album with most people since rap fans nowadays aren’t particularly versed in Black music.

The Yeezus album is a tour de force in Black music that has been technofied. Acid Blues. Has anyone ever used that moniker for a musical genre? But it’s not just Blues music on this album. There’s mad Funk going on in this composition. Of course Soul and Rock are getting burn on this disk.

The album is sequenced so that it shakes off the timid Hip-Hop heads early with the experimental soundscape. If you can make it to the end you get the rewards of Kid Cudi and Charlie Wilson’s stirring soulsanging. Most people won’t make it to that point tho’. You’ll be frightened by the frankness of Kanye’s promiscuous content.

My first listens to this album made me reopen my 808s and H3artbr38k files and it was stark to my ears how raw 808s really is. I still love that album but Yeezus is on another level. Another level of production. Another level of sonic sensibility. KanYe West is the GOAT. Hip-Hop is dead like the strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees. Long live Hip-Hop.

Blood On The Leaves

River Wild Lifestyle…

Friday, June 21st, 2013


These Complex checks aren’t getting my phone turned back on, but at least I am getting dipped as fux. I’ve tapped out the Wild River series like I went hard for that Modern Explorer crown.

These pieces are simply timeless dopeness.

S & D Underground is putting this work on clearance so I copped the vest for the everlasting archives.



The gem of this Wild River series is this chambray button down.

The backside embroidery is game over. STR8 WILDIN’!