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SneakerCON DC Recap…

Friday, September 27th, 2013


SneakerCON is the premiere Buy-Sell-Trade sneaker convention. It brings out everybody in the culture and beyond. Think of it as a traveling sneakerhead circus. Resellers, vendors, customizers and kids getting their hustle on.

Thousands of ‘heads convene for the love of kicks.

And this wasn’t even a pic of the entire venue…

Sneakermoms are the shit. Without them we couldn’t be sneaker fiends.



I fux with customizers too. A few years ago you could get more dap wearing fakes. I’m glad the game is giving them their shine right now.

Grandpa swag surfin’.

Props to pops.

Salutes to all the hypebeasts in the building. Y’all make the event dope.







Dude is definitely a ‘sneakerhead’

D.C. kept is all the way funky with the footwear too.


You know its real when you see cats rocking Timbs all year ’round

My man Tarik made a video from the event for the SneakerNews folks. Peep that below…

Boot Camp Network…

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


Timberland invited me to their celebration for the release of the upgraded 6″ Contractor boot. Yeah, it was some fucky business for shaking hands and the what not. I’m mad I didn’t partake of the oysters.

I met some people from the tree tho’ and some were even honest enough to tell me that they fuxed with my videos. That felt good to be validated. Now where is MY pair of World Hikers?!? LOL, but seriously tho’.

My Name Is My Name…

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


This is just one of the heat rocks from the Pusha T solo project titled ‘My Name Is My Name’. Pusha becomes the rap Rickey Hendersan on this album. He leads off with double and triple (beams) and sets the table for the featured artists.

And then Kendrick Lamar blacks the FUX OUT.

I’m telling y’all right now that My Name Is My Name is the rap album of 2013. Bong!

Long Live The KanYe…

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


KanYe West drops wild gems on this interview with BBC broadcaster Zane Low. Dude is still on his “George Bush does not care about Black people flow”. You have to respect that.

I feel like the Star Wars reference in part 1 was an acknowledgement of my fanboy video for the Yeezus song ‘On Sight’. LMAO. I be feeling myself too.

Long Live The Kane…

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013


Combat Jack says…

King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal. It’s not every day we get to sit with a legend. Kane goes deep with his history, what he thinks about Mr. Cee, how he produced the majority of ‘Long Live The Kane’ with no credits, how Doug E Fresh taught him how to rock the crowd, how some cats from The Juice Crew wasn’t fuxin with him, how he really wanted to battle KRS-One, what Madonna smells like, how he shopped a young Jay Z with no success, why he started wearing purple silks and such… This one is a marathon, but with Kane, there’s no half steppin’.