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SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Papa Don’t Preach…

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

bishop long

Read here as CNN’s Roland Martin uses his pulpit to tell Bishop Eddie Long to sit the fux down.

SEPARATED @ BIRTH: Getting Teef’d…

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009


Seeing that pic of Marvelous with Ryan Leslie reminded me of another big toof keyboardist.

Dr.Teeth is still fuxing with Janice, while Ryan Leslie and Cassie…

Not so much.

Marijuana Will Save Metropolis?

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


Who thought that Kryptonite fuxed Superman up?

I did too, but it looks like kryptonite can help revitalize cities if only to teach kids how to use their green thumb.

Think of how far down the food chain we really are if we are still eating shit from White Castle.

Urban farming may save the hip-hop generation

A Party Fit For The King…

Monday, August 31st, 2009

mj b-day


The celebration that Brooklyn gave to MICHAEL JACKSON for his birthday was fit for a king. Better still THE KING. The sun peeked its face onto the thousands of people gathered in Prospect Park’s great meadow. Some will even say it was the humidity and dehydration that had some of Brooklyn’s most notorious hard rock gangsta’s passing out on the great lawn but I know better. The spirit of MICHAEL JACKSON came down to Brooklyn. He should have felt right at home.

Spreading love is definitely the Brooklyn way and it looked like the entire Brooklyn showed up for the party.

mj b-day

SPIKE LEE didn’t just put his weight behind this event. He actually showed up and kicked it.

mj b-day
mj b-day

DJ Spinna isn’t new to this, he is very true to this. Are you ready to jam extra hard before Jouvert this upcoming weekend? Then make sure you are in the building for the KeiStar Productions MICHAEL JACKSON vs. PRINCE shindig. Believe you me it is the ONLY way to prep your dancing legs for the West Indian Day parade.

mj b-day

Fux what you heard, for the past 30 years and counting Fab 5 Freddy has been the mayor of New York City.

mj b-day
mj b-day


mj b-day
mj b-day

Yooj in the building. Rocking the Goretex waterproof Dunk 1-pieces. Sneaker Fiends Unite!

mj b-day

Jay Smooth what up?!?

mj b-day

FRITZ what up?!?

mj b-day

DEJUAN what up?!?

mj b-day

HENRY is an NYC nightclub dancefloor legend and an MJ choreographer from the ‘Remember The Time’ video.

mj b-day

Bazaar Royale and his beautiful wife DJ BEVERLY BOND. The bonus in this image was that sister in the black leggings in the background. Big ass Brooklyn backsides for the win. Chea!

mj b-day

Brooklyn stays wylin’ and stylin’ on ’em.

mj b-day
mj b-day

Can you feel it? Can you feel it? CAN YOU FEEL IT?!?

mj b-day
mj b-day
mj b-day

MICHAEL JACKSON impersonators were in their absolute glory. I never understood the fascination that some people had with dressing up like Elvis. It all made sense to me on this day. The MJ impersonators were singing and dancing and making us happy with the memory of MJ. There was nothing weird about them. They were actually very magical. Just like the day was.


Thursday, April 9th, 2009

jew men

Well looky here, the Supremacy Chronicle, er, the New York Times has a little article about the quaint dilemma that some congregations of Jews are facing by trying to integrate themselves within Jewish organizations.

That’s kind of silly to me.

If you are already blue why would you want to make yourself teal?


Does the persimmon want to be a fig?

Hell no!

Maybe if someone had told the persimmon it was poison then maybe the persimmon wouldn’t appreciate the skin it was in, but the persimmon isn’t as dumb as people are and the persimmon recognizes how good it is.

The persimmon doesn’t pretend to be greater than the fig either but please understand that this is because the persimmon is much smarter than we humans are.

The persimmon never created a make believe genus to separate itself from the fig since they both come from the Earth and ultimately return there again.

But like I said before, the persimmon is smarter than us humans.

Don’t be teal, aqua, cyan or blueish for Passover.

Be true blue, and be proud because you are royalty.