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Native New Yorker Lifestyle…

Saturday, September 28th, 2013


Chocolate Snowflake and I are gonna go fux up the city for my new year. The mansion on 72nd is the first stop. I’ma see if they got any XXL exec bears left. Then Century21 for a sox swag run and maybe a Marshall’s to pick up some Mets’ gear to celebrate Mike Piazza Day at Shea tomorrow.

I had to copp this heirloom quality handknit. Just Blaze rocked it at the ComplexTV set and the shit was vainglorious with details.


You see the #OutfitArchitecture

The indian head sweater lives forever in the Polo RL mythology. This piece tho’ is made waaaaaay better than the OG knit.


God is in the details and God is on this sweater

Timberland Pathrock GTX (GoreTEX) for the foundation footings.



I thought these socks might be in rhythm with this ‘Fit but they are lil’ off. Back to the drawing board I guess. Peace Internets.

SneakerCON DC Recap…

Friday, September 27th, 2013


SneakerCON is the premiere Buy-Sell-Trade sneaker convention. It brings out everybody in the culture and beyond. Think of it as a traveling sneakerhead circus. Resellers, vendors, customizers and kids getting their hustle on.

Thousands of ‘heads convene for the love of kicks.

And this wasn’t even a pic of the entire venue…

Sneakermoms are the shit. Without them we couldn’t be sneaker fiends.



I fux with customizers too. A few years ago you could get more dap wearing fakes. I’m glad the game is giving them their shine right now.

Grandpa swag surfin’.

Props to pops.

Salutes to all the hypebeasts in the building. Y’all make the event dope.







Dude is definitely a ‘sneakerhead’

D.C. kept is all the way funky with the footwear too.


You know its real when you see cats rocking Timbs all year ’round

My man Tarik made a video from the event for the SneakerNews folks. Peep that below…

Boot Camp Network…

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


Timberland invited me to their celebration for the release of the upgraded 6″ Contractor boot. Yeah, it was some fucky business for shaking hands and the what not. I’m mad I didn’t partake of the oysters.

I met some people from the tree tho’ and some were even honest enough to tell me that they fuxed with my videos. That felt good to be validated. Now where is MY pair of World Hikers?!? LOL, but seriously tho’.

40 Below Trooping…

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013


The Timberland Iditarod Superboot also known as the ’40 Below’ will be the zenith of their 40th anniversary releases, but don’t sleep on ANY of the boots dropping in this pack. Especially the World Hikers.

I certainly understand how mythical the 40 Below boot is. They were worn by Tupac in ‘Juice’ and Das EFX before that. Classic NYC street style is always in fashion.

Tupac Back?

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


Tupac might be the biggest mainstream reference people have today when considering the iconic and legendary Timberland Iditarod class Superboot. His role in the seminal Hip-Hop movie ‘Juice’ cemented in people’s minds what an NYC street thug wore as he went about his business.

I didn’t buy my first pair, or any pair for that matter, of Iditarod Superboots to do my thugging. These boots were purchased because Timberland represented invincibility for your feet. That was always the ‘hood appeal to Timberland products. The idea that a boot could withstand temperatures as deep as 40 degrees below made you feel like Superman.

The 40 Below is dropping again this November. Here is your chance to cop a piece of Hip-Hop history. Here is where yon get yours.