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More Free Shit: Alife tees

Sunday, November 29th, 2009


Not the one pictured above but just as fresh.

Here’s how you get your free t-shirt…

E-mail me a pic of these kicks: Dunk Hi Premium

dunk hi

I wanted these joints but I was too cheap to pay the retail offering. If you squeezed off and copped these Dunks you get an Alife tee.

The next pair is a fly Air Max 90 model. I like these too and I had a chance to come up on them at the VIMs on E. 149th Street (South BX) but I fronted on the $50 price tag.

air max

The first people to shoot me a pic of themselves with these shoes gets the t-shirts. One t-shirt per entry. E-mail me the_dallas[at] Free Shit: SONNY CHIBA DVDs

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

sonny chiba

You didn’t think I was gonna let the holiday season roll thru without me blessing the folks that catch my Saturday drops? I have mad respect for those that peep game from their desk jobs, but for those of you that come thru on the strength… I love y’all [ll].

Let’s give away some Sonny Chiba Samurai series DVDs that I copped from Pathmark. Sonny Chiba might be the greatest martial arts actor of all time. From kung fu movies to 1970s action films to feudal period Japanese joints Sonny Chiba has done them all. Not even the great Bruce Lee has as diverse an ouevre as Chiba.

I have two(2) copies of ‘Sonny Chiba Samurai’ which is actually a three(3) film disk for the first two people that can tell the name of Christian Slater’s character who was obsessed with Sonny Chiba from the Tarantino action film ‘True Romance’, and the subsequent Tarantino film that Sonny Chiba would later star in.

It wouldn’t be a holiday season without some Free Shit.

Don’t Get Dropped While Shopping…

Friday, November 27th, 2009


I hope that you don’t end up like homegirl did and since you are fuxing with a computer you shouldn’t. Doorbuster sales are for chumps. Who wants that bullshit anyhoo? If I had my videocamera still in my possession I would have posted up outside of the Wal-Mart where son got merc’ked last year just to see if any of these nimrods learned a lesson in humanity. I doubt it tho’. Brick and mortar shopping is for losers.

Combat Jack introduced me to the dude who owns this clothing line called 12 BAR. The clothes are dope and the dude was also mad chill. What most of you don’t know is that in real life I’m quite a douche so when homeboy from 12 BAR reached out to me in an effort to put me into his gear I rebuffed him. You see, I’m not some internets whore. I’m actually a slut. Whores do shit for money. I do my shit for love of the game.

12 BAR dude stays cool with the kid tho’ and he sends me an e-mail that he is having a clearance sale on his gear. I can get 60% off using the promotional code BLACK at the checkout. I don’t fux with promo codes less than 30% off. Do we all understand that 60% off is even greater than ‘HALF OFF’?

So I go to the 12 BAR website and peep some of the joints they are fuxing with.

12 bar

The sweatshirt in the center is hardbody. Joint has elbow patches too.

12 bar

The tee is the center and the right are FLAMBAY! The one in the center is the Fela Kuti joint. Don’t be retarded 60% off $24 is like $5 bucks. I don’t know math like that, but where on God’s green earth are you gonna score a dope tee for that cheap?

12 bar

I like the all black hoody on the right. What is 60% off of $70?

12 bar

This 60% off sale is what’s up and I have to keep it 100 and say that I slept on the 12 BAR pedigree. Sadly, all the sale shit has sold out of the obese man sizes that I prefer. If I was to wear an XL tee that shit would look like a sports bra on me. At least there is one I.T. they have I know will fit.


I love me some fitted caps.

Nubuck suede with embroidery?

Sneaker Fiends Unite!

DuBai = DuBroke…

Friday, November 27th, 2009


The United Arab Emirate nation DuBai just took a major Thanksgiving turkey shit on the global economic market. The largest state owned business, DuBai World, is asking its creditors for a ‘timeout’ in order to restructure its multi-billion dollar debt repayment. They asked for a six month window. That’s two quarters in business parlance, a lifetime to regular people like us.

I’d love for CitiBank to give me a six month standstill on my mortgage agreement. I’d figure a way to pay them back even though I don’t produce gas like DuBai does. I mean, I produce gas, but just not the kind that anyone enjoys or can use. DuBai’s debt hiccup is prA’Li being fueled by the current low trading prices of crude oil. The United States wins when DuBai loses because international investors look to buy more dollars in an unstable marketplace.


The price of crude has fluxuated so much also because the United States, the world’s largest consumer for this shit has been showing signs of a downturn. For instance, I will be buying less gas in December while Chocolate Snowflake’s whip is in the shop. Although I might be ZipCar-ing around the town so that would negate my non-consumption, just my personal expense.

What does this debt repayment rollback mean for the rest of us here in the United States? It means that in the short-term our dollars are worth more than they were a day before. It doesn’t mean we have more buying power though which is the only thing that matters to most of us today I might imagine. I’d tell you to go out today and copp that 50″ plasma television anyhoo, but that is also why I am over $100K in debt (mortgage x defaulted car lease x credit cards).

My problem is that I don’t Dubai, I DO BUY and that is why my ass is broke. The sheikhs from DuBai are gonna have to curtail their spending as well. No more man-made tropical islands in the middle of the desert. No more towers taller than a kilometer.

Sheeeeit, no more silly tall hats and sexy white women.


Throwing In The Towel For The Win…

Thursday, November 26th, 2009


ALLEN IVERSON is set to retire but just in case you even cared he still regards himself as a player in the top tier of the Association.

Iverson was a great player and I wish that he had put his mind together on ‘finishing’ as opposed to ‘starting’. I hope he comes back into the Association again before the new year so that he can possibly land himself on the All-Star team, but then again on second thought, if he has a problem with coming off the bench…



Iverson wasn’t the only headline for the Association this Thanksgiving. JASON KIDD just dimed his way into second place all time in the assists column. KIDD has been one of the better point guards to play over the last decade, or has he?

JOHN STOCKTON isn’t just the GOAT because he wore the tightest tightpants of any post-millenial player. Stockton’s career assist total is the combination of two(2) top tier players careers. With over 15,000 assists Jason Kidd would have to add Iverson’s assists to his in order to come close to Stockton.

MARK ‘Action’ JACKSON, whom Kidd just eclipsed was a fundamentally different player from Kidd. Jackson turned over the ball a little less while Jason stole the ball from opponents a lot more than Jackson did. The stat that blows me away though is the number of triple doubles that Jason has accrued fron the point guard position.

Those are numbers that belong to taller playmakers who post up closer to the basket. Those guys operate in a smaller office space closer to the rim where shots, rebounds and opportunities to pass to people at point blank range abound. Jason Kidd has been steadily making plays from over twenty feet away from the basket.

Who knows though? If Jason Kidd had been into tightpants [ll] maybe he’d already have gotten a title?