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To Live And Play In NYC…

Saturday, January 12th, 2013


I’m headed to an event today to launch the latest Carmelo Anthony signature shoe for Jordan Brand. The theme surrounding this shoe is Carmelo’s love for playing here in the city of his birth.

Carmelo will host this event along with a concert for 1,400 NYC schoolkids. Fabolous, French Montana and DJ Clue are the music. Hopefully Jordan Brand will lace me with a pair of the Melo M9s.


The Knicks colorway is official.

The Melo M9 is Carmelo’s most technically advanced shoe. And the lightest.


These shoes could be the reason Carmelo Anthony is shining on the court and having an MVP-caliber season.

Melo’s MVP play could also be attributed to the fact he is finally comfortable being back home in the greatest city in the world.

Sisyphus Rising…

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012


If the Knicks win the championship this season it will be because Carmelo Anthony finally got the mountainous chip off his shoulder and pushed the giant rock called Knickerbocker frustrations up the hill.

Sisyphus was a mythic king who was cursed to push a boulder up a hill in ancient Greece. Right at the apex of the mountain the boulder would become unwieldly and roll back down to the bottom of the mountain. Sisyphus would atempt time after time to push the boulder to the top yet he would continuously fail. His destiny was to do this for time immemorial.

The Knicks have been the NBA’s embodiment of Sisyphus’ struggle ever since 1973. Forty years of Knickerbocker fan frustration might just come to a close this season with a team combined of castaways and over-the-hill players. I feel like this configuration of cursed and ancient athletes bodes well for finally pushing that boulder over the hill.

Dare Too Fly…

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

The TWiterverse and Instagramland have erupted with h8 over the latest iteration of the Air Jordan flagship sneaker.

If Michael were still playing would there be this much venom spewed over the shoes? PrA’Li, because its the internets that fuels this madness. Also with this model Jordan Brand has returned to giving the shoes a sequentially numbered designation. This model is the ’28’

My only advice is for people to wait until they see the shoes in person before taking a shit on them.

I’m still sweating the Air Jordan 2012s for my personal collection. I will call these joints my ‘2012 Altitudes’. Nubuck on the upper and a translucent outsole. Call me a hypebeast if you want, because these shoes are HYPE!


Friday, July 20th, 2012

Wasn’t it just two(2) weeks ago that Jordan Brand dropped the ‘Olympic’ VI’s? Well pictured above are the Barcelona 7s from USA Basketball’s 1992 Dream Team run. Only Jordan wore Air Jordan back then and Jordan wore out Croatia’s Toni Kukoc who would later become his teammate in Chicago.

Folks are lined up as usual but this time I will visit another store which I haven’t given the time of day recently – Modell’s. They will host a midnight release at their Times Square store so I’ll be right back on the Deuce after just leaving the screening of the Dark Knight Rises(meh).

While heads are hyping for the 7s I’ma try and see if I can track down one more pair of the Jordan 2012 ‘Year Of The Dragon’. The shoe was criminally slept on this year. If I can’t find another pair of 2012 YOTD’s I’ll prA’Li thirst out the Barcelonas, or maybe not. Stay tuned sneaker fiends.

Searching For Spike Lee…

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

With all this NBA trade talk on TWitter I had to let Episode 1 fly off…

Shouts to Roy Ayers for the music and D-Sicle for the artwork