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cRap Music Fantasy League – Q4 cRap-Up

Thursday, December 27th, 2007


Now if you told me that ALICIA KEYS was going to be the MVP for the Q4 of the cRap Music Fantasy League I would not have believed you. Mr. KEYS is certainly a formidable blue chip prospect, but she would have to beat out the 2007 Q3 MVP as well as El Presidente Hovito who normally pwns crap music fourth quarters.

ALICIA KEYS did it though with her double platinum album, ‘As I Am’ along with her television and charity concert appearances. Finally a cRap Music Fantasy League star that actually scores points based on talent and putting in work, as opposed to just shooting someone and getting arrested. Take a look at the top 10 cRap Music scoring stars…

Alicia Keys 2900
Jay-Z 2450
TI 2125
Kanye West 2050
Common 1400
Pimp C 1200
50 Cent 1050
Lil Wayne 1025
Diddy 1000
T-Pain 600

As you can clearly see, A. KEYS was the boss bitch for the Q4. Jay-Z followed her closely thanks to the media push for his latest album. T.I. used his motion picture role and a multi-count Federal indictment to earn his spot. KanYe’s last album sales have slowed, but the death of his beloved mother gave his score a bump. Common is a top 5 alive cRapper. Pimp C broke into the top 10 for the first, and more than likely the last time by earning a thousand points for his demise. 50 Cent is one of the usual suspects, while Diddy and Lil’ Wayne show their ability to come up in the game without even releasing any music.

If your record label had a majority of these cRappers then you were more than likely going to compete for the Q4 crown. As it stands now two labels are actually tied for first place coming into the final days of the contest. The winner won’t be announced until January 1st so anything can happen from now until then.

America Done Fell Off Records 11600
WindBreaker Records 11600
All Starz Entertainment 11050
CRap-A-lot Records 10300
Candyland Records 10200
Bang 2 Dis Entertainment 10200
Krack Ko Kaine Entertainment 10075
Incilin Productions 9900
Jesus Slap Boxers 9825
Gain Green Records 9600
Berries & Cream Records 9525
WTF Records 9375
Bodega Inc 9325
WDISL Records 9025
Funk Town Records 8525
SayDatNuccaName Wreckids 8500
The Nappy Ram Affiliates 8025
Fuckin Sellout Records 7825
Talent Show Entertainment 7675
Gunshine State Music 7525
Open Cannister Recordz 7325
North Star Records 7275
Fantasy Records 7175
Pretty Dollar Entertainment 7025
329 Music 6850
Beat Break Records 6650
Media Whore Records 6225
Bottlenecks Records 6125
NYC Records 6000
DubbleUp Entertainment 5875
Brick Productions 5725
Solutions Global Media 5550
Combat Jack Records 5450
Vagina Crusher Records 5425
Barely Literate Entertainment 5300
MIP Records 5225
Mental Calisthenics 5125
New Black Money Records 4900
Death On Arrival Records 4400
ASE Records 4325
The Block Is Hot Music Group 4325
BLZ Records 3700
Detroit In Dis Bitch Records 3575
County Of Kings Records 3250
Know The Limit Records 1825
Six Feet Deep Promotions 325

For a complete and comprehensive look at label rosters and scoring events download the cRap Music Fantasy League scoring spreadsheet powered by El Gringo Colombiano.

  • Q4 cMFL Spreadsheet
  • And for those of you interested in earing a free pair of sneakers courtesy of BILLY X. SUNDAY and XXL Magazine Dot Com follow this link to the registration for nest year’s Q1

  • 2008 Q1 cRap Music Fantasy League Registration
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    A Third World Health Care System…

    Thursday, December 27th, 2007


    One of the reasons for the shrinking value of the dollar has to be the fact that America treats its citizens like they aren’t worth a dime.

    There is no reason we should have an abundance of cellphones, internets service providers and Starbucks coffee shops while we consistently maintain a healthcare system on par with a third world country.

    Worms infect more poor in U.S. than thought

    At some point the wealthiest Americans will come to realize that they share the same exact ecosystem as the poorest citizens. By then it may be too late.

    Gunned Down In An Islamabad Bucktown…

    Thursday, December 27th, 2007


    Pakistani government opposition leader BENAZHIR BHUTTO learns the hard way that fucking with the C.I.A. is worse for your health than fucking with Mother Nature. The world now has one less female presidential candidate.

    From the New York Times: Bhutto Assassinated in Attack on Rally

    For some insight on why BHUTTO was a target , take a look at MAXINE’s drop here at DP Dot Com, BENAZIR BHUTTO’s Gangster Bitch Chronicles

    The stock market tumbles because someone merc’ked a Pakistani presidential candidate!?! WTF!?!? Are we a third world country now? Let me know now so I can go get my malaria shots.

    The only folks in America that I thought were directly affected by this lady’s death would be the Hindudes that run all the newsstands and the Qwik-E-Marts. Apparently I was wrong…

    Stocks open lower following Bhutto assassination

    DP Dot Com Football Pool Pick ‘Em Final Week…

    Thursday, December 27th, 2007

    mr. wheat

    The 2007 DP Dot Com Football Pool generated by Yahoo has been good money. I wish the games were played more often. Bigg up to the Nah’Right collective that held it down for the entire season. I see you out there about to blow[ll] FUXXX, as always, thanks to my connect BELIZE, and the new homey Furiou$tylez.

    We had the Philly representatives putting in work this season, CANDICE and ZILLA ROCCA were in and around the top poolers for much of the season. Respect to DART ADAMS of Poisonous Paragraphs dot com. DART does his thing-thing on the bloggy tip everyday.

    I don’t like to crit my peoples on their creative output but DART, could you pull some of the wattage off your page? Every time I try to load up your spot from my box here in my crib my shit has a heart attack. If I get a raise from XXL next year I am buying myself a new computer because DART will post more images and music than my G4 can manage.

    DUBBLE UP, you are in the driver’s seat homey. Good luck, I hope you win because you have been leaving comments here and playing every contest I have run for as long as I can remember. Good luck to all of you poolers. Stay tuned for the DP Dot Com x NCAA Final Four March Madness bracket. You already know that’s another pair of *FREE* Nike Dunks going out to the winner.

    Here’s the list of poolers still mathematically eligible to win the tournament…

    DubbleUP 124
    Patriot Games 122
    Are1 121
    bears rule 119
    BurDenDer 117
    alex2.0_is_stuck_in_neutral 115
    Hello Belize 114
    Furiou$tylez & BadNewsBears 114
    Zilla Rocca 112
    noGrossman 112
    Godson Across the Belly…iFux 111
    53 Centers 111
    Desert Sole 110
    Behind Bars Bengals 110
    Angry Citizen 108

    ARE1, bears rule and NO GROSSMAN have been the hottest poolers since Wk. 13 so this contest is still anybody’s best guess.

    A Brand New Day @ DEF JAM…

    Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

    janet - feedback

    Peep the new look of JANET JACKSON, er, Def Jam Records.

    So the other shoe has finally dropped at the most storied rap record imprint. Jay-Z has been released from his obligations as the de facto president of the label. What this means from the onset is apparently nothing. Jay-Z will continue to record music as an artist of Roc-A-Fella Records which will continue under the distribution umbrella of Def Jam. I just said umbrella. Ella ella ay ay. If that last phrase makes any sense to you then you are officially a RHI-tard.

    So where does Def Jam move now? I think they move in the direction that Soulja Boy and the ringtone rappers are creating. More pop music driven rhythms and a younger stable of artists. The people that will suffer immediately will be the Juelz Santanas, the Uncle Murdas and the Rick Ross’ of this label. These artists are going to have to dig into their own pockets in order to create a buzz for their upcoming projects, if they even have upcoming projects. These guys will have to pay for their own videos and promotion. If they weren’t standing on a corner selling drugs before, they will be now.

    Nahh, seriously, who the fuck cares about Def Jam anyhoo? Of the fifty acts under the Def Jam banner there are only six that I’m checking for… NaS, Ghostface, KanYe, Redman, Meth and the Roots. This label needs a major overhaul and it will be coming in the form of JANET JACKSON’s Lilliputian wig brusher JERMAINE DUPRI. It makes all the business sense that he would get tabbed by L.A. REID because of their former successes in Atlanta and the fact that DUPRI is a shameless company man that would throw himself under the bus to save his master’s skin. He is the embodiment of a modern day lawn jockey.

    lawn jockey

    I think artists like LL Cool J, Ludacris and possibly Meth and Red will be able to make some movements with the new administration because these artists are popular on other media platforms like television and motion pictures. Shit just got a whole lot harder for Fabolous and as far as I can see, Memphis Bleek and Peedi Crack are washed up. At least Beans and Freeway were able to get their joints out before the fall of Jigga. Memo to Chris and Neef, keep making your bed in your momma’s house because that is where you will be sleeping.

    So when does JANET JACKSON bring her robo-ho photoshop ass to Def Jam? Who the fuck cares? It’s a sad day when JANET JACKSON is a retread of BeYONCE’s no-acting ass. I just watched ‘Dreamgirls’ yesterday on HBO and gotdamint if it wasn’t as bad as I knew it would be. Can’t not one of them broads evoke anything real even when they are singing, which was more like they were yelling. I can’t remember a time when there were this many songtresses who lacked the ability to simply sing. I suppose I have music videos and the abundance of visual media to thank for this phenomenon.

    Not that PATTI LaBELLE, SARA DASH, NONA HENDRYX, DIONNE WARWICK and DONNA SUMMER weren’t pretty in their own regards, but they certainly weren’t video ho gorgeous and that would have put them in the Lil’ Mo category of great singers with ugly faces. I wouldn’t mind listening to a LaBELLE reunion either. They can even make a music video or two if they wanted. Just use the same Adobe photoshop animator that JANET JACKSON uses.