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The American Gangster Doesn’t Know…

Thursday, February 28th, 2008


Editor’s note: I wouldn’t trade the community that hangs out here at this website for anything. The viewpoints are always smart, intelligent, witty and thorughly unpredictable. And that’s just what you see in the comments threads. The e-mails I get remind me that our generation is far from the apathetic monolith that the mainstream media describes. DP Dot Commenter CeezDiem sent in this e-mail about the latest music video from Jay-Z a/k/a “Young Barclay”. So tell us CeezDiem, how do you really feel?

What up Dallas,

First time emailing. Comment every now and then. Love the site. I’m an aspiring filmmaker and rap lover/hater and wanted you to do a drop on the new Jay-Z video for ‘I Know’. I really think the topic needs discussing. So I started writing down my thoughts and then I realized I had created the drop that says what I wanted. Maybe this can fly out to the people at DP?

Gray Hova’s newest video just dropped, and other than sparing us the sight of his old man jowls gyrating to his own raps, he’s once again doing his (ex)community no fucking favors by romancing the “stone” yet again.

The ‘American Gangster’ album was already nothing more than a cheap excuse for Jay to drop the Gwyneth Paltrow shout outs and go back to that crack rock talk my little cousins eat up with 2% milk and a cartoon spoon. Fear of being obsolete obviously shook him up after the rap Hindenberg that was…uhh… whatever that terrible post-retirement album was called, and drove him running back to his street pharmacy journal, post haste.

So he dusted off and donned his Super-Dealer cape once again and everyone heralded his cocai… i mean Hair-owe-in flow, his choice beats, and lack of Chris Martin duets. Hovi was back to his old boasts of neighborhood destruction! Not only that, but artiste’ that he is, he was able to find inspiration in a pretty (glorifying) but ho-hum gangster movie that’s far from a classic! How ever does he do it??!! I guess hydrating Africans, moving the Nets to Brooklyn, and doing whatever the fuck it is he does for the U.N. isn’t exactly what’s hot in the streets right now. Rhyming “Britney” with “get me?” clearly is.


As an Armchair Cultural Critic/Hatin’ Ass Loser, I was ready to make my peace with the whole affair, or at least shut the fuck up about it for a second… And then I saw this motherfucking video.

Alright, he did us TWO favors in this video. A) He’s not in it for a single frame. And B) He put Zoe Kravitz’ fine ass up in it. I swear that lil’ dame simultaneously turns me on and scares the shit outta me at the same time. She looks like she drinks blood and has a body temperature of 71 degrees. But I’d still follow her to a dicey underground party at a meat processing plant any night of the week. Fuck whatever Blade’s talkin’ bout! This chick looks like Sade 2.0!

What the fuck was i saying? Oh yeah. So at the start of the video, I was actually kinda impressed. Fine chick, dark tones, a song about drug addiction. I was expecting maybe a 3 minute rap version of Requiem for a Dream (and crossing my fingers for a remake of that “ASS TO ASS!” scene. ‘Swede’ that Gondry!). But what do they feed us instead? Basically an ode to shooting up!

Four things happen in this Video:

  • 1) My underage booboo meets up with some white schmoe in the street.
  • 2) She goes to a party with him and stares off at these slow moving hypnotic light tentacle things.
  • 3) She sits around a posh place lookin high as shit.
  • 4) And at the end she lets those lights coarse through her. OH!!! And she beautifully exhales white dust!!!!!!!! WTF!
  • Now from what I hear about the H bomb, shooting it up is like your veins are one big urethra bustin off hot champagne ropes on a sea of Scarlett Johansenns. So at the end of this video, when Lil Zo’ is floatin around and gettin eaten up by the tentacle lights, I can only assume it was intended as a visual metaphor for spikin’ that gravy. But then THAT’s IT! That’s the end of the video!!

    WHERE WAS THE DARK SIDE? The destrucion of family? Of love? Of Life? The song’s about Jay (playing the part of King H, naturally) rappin’ about his chick that used to love him/be addicted to him, but eventually left him/went clean. The video shoulda been a faux-documentary about a fiendin chick who starts doin it at parties, falls for the brown, gets fired from Macy’s, steals from her Momma, gets beaten up by a low level dealer/boyfriend, starts hookin, scheming, flim-flammin and grinding, rehabbing, relapsing, losing teeth, gettin ugly, getting better, getting busted, etc etc. Until it ends with her fragiley coming out on top.

    I dont think fragiley is a word, but you get the point. Maybe Jay owes Spanish Jose a big one and made this video for the purposes of sending him a new batch of young junk recruits. Why else release a visually romantic poem to heroin thats all high and no low?

    Am I trippin, or is this shit basically a commercial for H? It might as well end with a voice over from James Cromwell sayin’, “Afghani Brown: Fuck what you heard”. Is there a part 2 I dont know about where Zoe Kravitz walks around the Lower East Side like the couple in ‘Dope Sick Love’?

    What do you think? Is this a Crime against humanity or am I just Hatey McHater, mayor of Haterville?

    Oh, and P.S. This is what the video SHOULDA looked like.

    Shout out to Ginger Lynn!

    DEREK JETER Is Yanking My Chain [ll]

    Wednesday, February 27th, 2008


    I’m excited for this drop, but definitely not because of the above photo detailing the secret lives of two Yankee superstars. Truthfully, I always suspected the Yankee captain was a power bottom [ll].

    I’m hyped because I am doing this shit from my Crackberry 8700. I usually have to run up in a library when I am at work. If this shit works out I might do more drops a day. Maybe even one an hour?!? Hell nahh. Who would do one blog drop every hour? That’s for people with too much to say about nothing, and no one to talk to about it.
    *shots fired*

    Nahh but seriously, let’s go in on DEREK JETER’s statement that MLB players should randomly submit blood tests to prove to fans that the game is legit. Halfrican please!?!

    What fan of baseball really cares about that shit? No, seriously? Most people that read this site already know well enough not to fuck with me and come here sideways. I would love for some quote unquote baseball fan to tell me that he or she can’t watch the game anymore because these baseball niggas take HGH, or cocaine, or pine tar or whatever they put on their bats.


    Are you gonna stop these motherfuckers from taking an Advil when they have a migraine that arises from the concussion they received after getting hit in the head with a ball? Why not? That Advil becomes a performance enhancing drug since holmes couldn’t tak√© the field that day without popping it. You can not clearly define what a performance enhancing substance is so why are we even giving a fuck?

    How many U.S. kids are already dead in Iraq and Afghanistan and these congressional cowards are talking about steroids? Someone leave me a link in the comment thread hotammit!

    Memo to JETER: If you really give a fuck about the fans then you and the MLBPA should keep your blood to yourself and tell the ownership to make some fucking ballgames affordable. I don’t give an eff who is sticking what in who’s ass. I want to see pitchers throwing fastballs over 100mph and sluggers hitting those pitches 600ft.

    Fuck all that other Bud Selig bolshevik y’all niggas is talking.

    Krush Groove’n @ The Library?!?

    Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

    krush groove

    The Brooklyn Central Library is out to prove that the library is no longer the place that old books come to die. This Friday, the Brooklyn Central Library on Eastern Parkway and Grand Army Plaza features one of the earliest commercial blockbusters from Hip-Hop history.

    40 Dawg was just talking about ‘Krush Groove’ too. This joint is a great film with tons of humor and Hip-Hop nostalgia just flowing through it. Run-DMC, LL Cool J, the Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow and Sheila E. all play significant parts in this flick. This screening will be fun since I haven’t seen ‘Krush Groove’ in a theater since fools were wearing Puma track suits. Most of all. it’s FREE.

    Brooklyn Central Public Library
    Dweck Auditorium
    2 Eastern Parkway
    6 p.m.


    Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

    40 Dawg

    40 DIESEL stays coming out on top. [ll].

    Nahh, but for real your cousin, the Mighty Healthy NYC spokesmodel and Sneaker Fiends Unite! alum met up with me on 125th prior to the Roots show and we perused some of the footwear distribution outlets on the strip.

    I finally went inside the NIKE x FootLocker collaboration called House Of Hoops. I miss the NIKE staffers from 255 Elizabeth Street who at least gave a fuck enough to know what sneakers they were selling. The kids in House Of Hoops don’t give a shit about shoes or customers unless you are a rapper. Just as well I suppose since I ain’t listening to their shitty demos anyhoo.

    The next stop was the Dr. Jay’s affiliate Harlem USA. This is that spot to catch a pair of general release joints on a wicked sale and I copped a pair of premium Air Max 95’s for $80 cent.


    Air Max 95’s are the GOAT Air Maxes overall, except for those A.M. 90’s and 360’s that I still haven’t put into the collection. I am a beast. Considering that the MSRP was $160 you might say that I caught a deal. Yeah I came off, but 40 made out like a fat cat (no Pappy Mason). Fam copped the Air Tech Challenge retro for $19.99 in the OG colorway.

    air tech

    For twenty cent I need to copp another pair just to keep on ice. If you need a pair for your archives you already know the drill.

    50 Bullets >>> 20 Years

    Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


    Let me start this drop off with the admission that the murder of police officer EDWARD BYRNE was a tragedy. His assignment on the evening he was murdered however reeks of a setup from inside his precinct house.

    Why the hell was the first year cop on an overnight witness protection detail all alone?

    And seriously speaking, Pappy Mason was a feared drug dealer, but not someone with the power or INFRASTUCTURE to order the murder of a police officer from his jail cell. Shit like Cosa Nostra can do that because they own the infrastructure in the underworld that facilitates that sort of retribution. You have to have so many people on your payroll in legit jobs like judges, court clerks and police personnel so that you still have real-time access to information when you are in the pen.

    You think Fat Cat Nichols and Pappy Mason had that kind of network? GTFOH! They were getting wealthy from crack cocaine like all the other Blacks that played their position in the drug trade. The seller’s position that is. Pappy Mason did not have the influence to kill a cop, which in ‘hood terms means that everyone in the ‘hood will be subjected to Hell until the police have drawn their pints of blood. When a Black drug dealer is arrested, even a reputed kingpin, there are a dozen other people ready to fill his shoes, even his mother.

    I mention the case of EDWARD BYRNE since it is being bandied about as the officers that are responsible for the murder of SEAN BELL are brought to trial this week. The NYC media reminds us that it has been twenty years since the death of police officer EDWARD BYRNE and somehow these two cases share a connection other than the undeclared fact that this precinct is filled with cops who have little to no respect for this impoverished Black community.

    SEAN BELL’s killers are cut from the same cloth as the corrupt police who profited from the drug trade in this southeast Queens community two decades prior. These cops know they live above the law and their derision with the community is manifested through incessant ‘stop and searches’ of pedestrians and motorists. This is the everyday lifestyle for the boro of Queens poorest residents. Your reward for making it into your apartment with your contraband is that now you can self-medicate in order to help you forget the world outside of your cage home.

    Don’t believe the hype when the mainstream media tells you that SEAN BELL’s murder is connected to that of EDWARD BYRNE unless they name the precinct captain that ordered both hits.