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Winter Is XTRA Cold In Tha ‘D’

Friday, November 28th, 2008

tha d

With the Lions being the NFL’s worst team of all time and the Pistons being reduced to a non factor in the Association I imagine that this could be one of the coldest winters evar in the ‘D’. Winning sports franchises play a part in keeping the crime rate in check. At least the rate of domestic abuse stays down.

What doesn’t help curb violence in Detroit is the fact that so many people have CPL’s. Better know as concealed pistol licenses, CPL’s are more widespread in Detroit than car insurance cards. But just because you have a license to ill doesn’t mean that you can just get all bucktown any damn place.

If you were wondering whterher you could still shoot shit up at a funeral the answer would be yes, but you can not bring your gat inside of a church with the presiding elder’s signed permission. Peep all the rules and regs for carrying your heatmakers and hellraisers with you throughout the ‘D’. Have a healthy and safe holiday season.

Pistol-Free Zones

I just had to run this video again…

Website iFux Wit: Unemployed And Blogging

Friday, November 28th, 2008


I just got put on to this website…

Unemployed and Blogging

There are tons of nice drops here about some of the shit that you didn’t even know you really needed in your lifestyle. Shit like Gore-Tex jeans and super-armored SUV’s.

I like a website that inspires me to come up on some iCandy and gadgetry without making me feel like a schmuck because I will prA’li never pwn any of this shit.

And I still HAVE a job.

DUNKxCHANGE – ATL 11.29.08

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

dunk xchange

Saturday Nov. 29th, 2008
12pm – 430pm


Comes to the ‘A’ for the first time. This is an all ages afternoon event. Come thru and copp a limited edition SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE! fitted cap from me.

The Loft
1374 West Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA
(404) 885-1365

Celebrate Cat-Fight Friday…

Thursday, November 27th, 2008


Eat well tonight. Go for lots of carbs and proteins. You are going to need that energy when you are kicking people’s asses tomorrow in the mall parking lots across America.

It is always funny to me the words we choose to describe our states of being. I love that Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, has several connotations depending on where in the food chain you participate in the day.

Some media outlets say that Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. This isn’t true, it’s just part of the media hype to nudge consumers. The weekends and the day before Christmas are the busiest shopping days, in terms of traffic and receipts.

The ‘Black’ in this Black Friday refers to retailers finally returning to the positive side of their accounting ledgers. That is also more hype. Retailers make money from the American consumer at a dizzying rate. Consumer spending makes up 3/4’s of the U.S. economy. Every payday in America is a Black Friday.

The history behind the term ‘Black Friday’ actually comes from the Philadelphia police department when they were confronted with all the negroes flooding the center city Broad Street district for shopping and revelry the day after Thanksgiving. I always wondered why the ‘hood treated the Friday like a holiday unto itself. Sheeeeit, we had off from school didn’t we?

Now that I am older I see Black Friday as the greatest day for cat fights and various unsociable nonsense. There will be thousands, if not millions of people out and about who don’t normally leave their homes or enclaves. Psychopaths, deviants, retards, cripples and mostly just people that hate other people will be in the presence of other people.

I feel like taking my camera out into the streets to document the madness, but I will need both hands to fight with people.


Thursday, November 27th, 2008


I just read an article about how BeYONCE needs to create an alter-ego in order for her to perform some of her more risque dance routines and pop tunes. I’ve called out BeYONCE previously for also employing this gimmick, despite the fact that I use a pen name to write my column at XXL .

What I knew, yet didn’t acknowledge is that the white hot glare of the public stare can become discomforting. Alter-egos are necessary personas when we have something to say that may offend some of the folks that we are close to, or we consider friends.

Some of my favorite (and not so much) artists have shifted through their alter-egos so deftly that you feel like you know them personally. REGGIE NOBLE has Redman, MARSHALL MATHERS has Eminem as well as Slim Shady and even T.I. has Tip and some dude named CLIFFORD who got pinched by the Feds for having a cache of undisclosed military weapons.

BeYONCE uses SASHA FIERCE though in a way that only these artists could dream of. While BeYONCE is determined to maintain a visage that will surely translate to gospel music the second her pop music career hit the skids she needs an outlet to sell her sexuality and her reedonkulous badonkey donk. BeYONCE is pimping… Herself.


While Ms.KNOWLES (CARTER?!?) still attends missionary committee luncheons at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church while SASHA FIERCE walks the streets at night to tease the boys with her milkshake. Only teasing is allowed though since the last time she was documented to have had relations she wound up pregnant in Houston.

BeYONCE has managed to do what no one before her could execute properly. She has removed sex from sexuality. It’s all just posing, shaking and strutting. There is no penetration. There is not even enough time for foreplay. At the end of the day this detachment is what may do her in. The pop music world had a chameleon that shifted shapes as often as she changed her hair color. That was Madonna.

But even Madonna got it in early in often. Who remembers the circular door that she had in her bedroom? You can’t get to the top and stay clean. You have to have some dirt under your nails. I’m not talking about the fake drunk episode either. I’m talking about real scandal. It is when she is brought to her knees that she will be embraced even more vigorously by the public. That is when she will transform from the robot into the human.